Some People Think That A High Salary Is Important When Choosing A Company To Work For

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Some people opine that the first thing to consider while choosing a job is the amount of money one can earn; others insist that a healthy and cooperative working environment is even more important. In my opinion, salary is certainly important and everyone should be able to earn enough to fulfil their needs and wants; however, the size of the pay packet is not more important than other factors like the working environment and the opportunity to grow.

In this age of consumerism and increasing prices a good salary is important to lead a comfortable life. If people do not earn enough, they will not be able to provide quality education, healthcare or other essential facilities to their family. This inability will make them unhappy and dissatisfied with their life and work. Also, this dissatisfaction will affect their motivation to work hard and may even reduce their efficiency.  Obviously, it is important to find a job that pays well.

On the other hand, money is just one of the factors that make people happy and hence salary should not be the primary criterion for choosing a job. A healthy and cooperative working environment where one feels wanted and valued is equally or even more important. An employee should feel welcome in their workplace and they should have an opportunity to grow. Petty office politics or a rude boss can make the workplace hellish and kill the morale of even the most talented and dedicated employees. Working hours are another thing to consider. Everyone should be able to strike a balance between work and life and hence hours that an employee spends at the workplace should be reasonable. Some high paying jobs have ridiculously long working hours and unrealistic targets which stress out employees and affect their health. Such jobs are not worth having even if they offer astronomical salaries.

In conclusion, salary is certainly an important thing to consider while choosing a job. However, other factors like the general atmosphere at the workplace and the opportunity to have a work-life balance are equally important and should never be sacrificed for earning a higher salary.

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