Some People Think It Would Be A Good Idea For Schools To Teach Every Young Person How To Be A Good Parent

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Many people believe that it is important for schools to teach children good parenting skills. I do not agree with this view because parenting is not a skill that young children need to develop. Neither is it a skill that can be taught in the classroom.

At school children have a lot of other things to learn. Depending upon the country they live in, they may have to learn up to 3 languages. For example, in India, it is mandatory for children to learn Hindi and English in addition to their mother tongue. Then, they have to learn other subjects like history, geography, science and mathematics. There are also hours dedicated to arts and physical education and in some schools, children are taught vocational skills too. So, obviously, children already have a packed timetable and I see no reason to add another subject to their already hectic schedule.

What’s more, parenting is not a skill that 5-15 year olds should acquire because they cannot have babies at that age. By the time they become parents in their 20’s or 30’s they will have already forgotten what they learned at school and all those hours that they spent acquiring this skill will be lost. Another reason why I believe that parenting does not have to be taught at school is that this is not a really a skill that can or should be learned from textbooks. It is something that we naturally possess. No one taught a cat or a dog how to raise their babies. Likewise, humans also do not need any special training to take care of their little ones. This does not mean that every parent is a good parent who cannot make any mistakes. That certainly is not the case and everyone needs help from time to time. My point is that it just does not have to be learned at school because parenting skills are best learnt when people are ready to become parents.

As for the skills that good parents should possess, the first one, of course, is patience. Babies are prone to throw tantrums and when they do so, it is important for parents to keep their cool and hold their ground without making the baby feel neglected or threatened. Parents also need to put their baby first, love them abundantly and guide them in the right path. Children need love, care and stability to grow up into successful adults. Hence, good parents are those who can provide these and more to their children.

In conclusion, there is no point in learning a skill at an age it cannot be put into practice. Hence, I believe that parenting skills need not be taught at school.

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