Some People Think It Is Better To Choose Friends Who Always Have The Same Opinions As Them | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think it’s better to choose friends who always have the same opinions as them. Others believe that it’s good to have friends who sometimes disagree with them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Friends are wonderful companions and people share their emotions and thoughts with them. Many believe that friends should accord with them, whereas others think that it is better to have diverse opinions in a friendship. I believe that it is up to a person to decide whether they want likeminded friends or not.

On the one hand, while making friends, some people are looking for likeminded individuals who share common interests such as choices related to fashion, sports, education, food and so on. As they mostly have a common direction and goals, their compatibilities are much stronger. Hence, they understand each other very well and they could make better choices together. For example, when one goes shopping with these types of friends, together they can buy things in less time.  However, in certain scenarios, such friends are reluctant to share honest opinions as they are afraid that by making any contradictory statements, they might risk their friendship.

On the other hand, some people believe that friends with diverse opinions are required to make better decisions in their lives. For example, while buying a home, if friends suggest multiple options then together they can list down the pros and cons of every site and choose the right home. Moreover, one can get ample ideas and suggestions when one’s friends have different viewpoints. However, sometimes conflict might arise when the opinions do not match. For instance, amongst friends, if one person tries to supersede others with his thoughts then the friendship will not last long.

To recapitulate, making friends with people who have similar opinions and different opinions has its own merits and demerits. Hence, I believe, it is an individual’s responsibility to choose friends who are loyal and truthful to him.

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10 Responses

  1. RG says:

    Kindly rate this Essay:

    Many people consider it best to have friends in their life who have similar thought process, yet many others prefer to be surrounded by people who sometime do not agree with them and provide a different view point. In my opinion it is sometimes good to have companions in our life who have the courage to go against our views and provide a different perspective.

    It is commonly believed by many that, it is good to be friends with people who share the same perspective to life and other things in general. As humans, it is an important factor to have a feeling of belonging, be comfortable and accepted by like-minded people, so that one can behave the way they are and not being questioned or judged. For instance, after work, people are usually stressed out and like to go out and spend their evenings chatting with someone who can empathize with them and their issues and not with someone who argues and then feel even more drained afterwards.

    On the other hand, many want to spend time with mates who, occasionally, can have a different way of understanding situations. Although it is required to feel comfortable and relaxed in the company of similar opiniated companions, but as humans we have an innate need to learn new things and progress. The company of such people, not only provides an opportunity to have a healthy discussion, but also paves the way for learning a new perspective on the same situation, thereby ensuring personal growth.

    In conclusion, we need people support us in our ideas and behaviors but we also want to keep the companions who sometimes can challenge us and helps us grow in every aspect.

  2. Vis says:

    please rate this essay :

    Human Relationships are the basic fundamentals in one’s life. Some say connections with like minded people is better than having friends who have dissimilar opinions. In my view, life may be easier with such people however, difficult people can bring out the different shades of ourselves.

    First of all every human need is to be understood and so you need friends who can easily connect and talk to you about anything and everything. This is the reason individuals prefer to have company with similar minded people. For instance, introverts like to be in a circle of other introverts which allows them to feel comfortable and so to socialise and communicate freely. A recent study conducted by the behavioural sciences of harvard university proves that nearly 60% of people preferred to be in the room of people who had the same interests and point of view like them. To feel understood is the joyful thing in the world and therefore ourselves unknowingly search for the shadows of ourselves.

    On the other hand, there are a million people with extraordinary mindsets and being friends with them not only improves our knowledge, also helps us grow. By interacting with these people ignites a different way of thinking which leads to better problem solving and understanding various personalities. This has been revealed by a survey conducted among 50000 students of the top colleges in America proving that there was a significant amount of change in the behaviours of people who have friends from unlike mindset than the other group. Life gets harder if we refuse to change and so to embrace the difficulties and also happiness we need to engage in making friends of all types.

    Therefore, Friends are mostly a necessity than a good to have. The more diverse it is the more we experience it throughout our life experiences.

  3. karthick says:

    please rate this essay and provide me an improvement tip to increase my band score

    It is argued that it is good to have friends with the same interest, while others think that they should against the opinion occasionally is best. In my opinion, both views of friendship play a vital to stay strong as close friends in life.

    On the one hand, people who have buddies with the same perspective prevent them from conflicts. As a consequence, they can work together as a team to strive to achieve a goal without any difficulty and also this can make their relationship stronger. In Mexico, for instance, Cambridge University found in a recent study that 90% of the population’s childhood friends become family friends in their old age because they had the same likes and it made them feel comfortable to extend the contact with friends very often, longer.

    However, on the other hand, the friends with some disagreements are assist the people to avoid making wrong decision in life, so they can consult with them before proceed with the plan. Moreover, they can suggest the negative side of the idea and it is an opportunity to save from costly mistakes. For example, in 2011, it was reported in the New York Times that 50% of plan which was discussed with the peers returned demerits and solutions were protected the time, effort. Therefore, friends with disagreement always make friendship healthier.

    In conclusion, personally I think, the friends with the same and different interest always help to maintain the relationship bond stronger and life longer.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6 to me.

      • Simran says:

        Please rate this essay.

        It is argued that some want to be friends with like-minded people whereas others like their friends to have different opinions than themselves. In the coming paragraphs, I’ll discuss both the arguments and at the end will share my view.

        People want to have the same opinion as to their friends because getting along is easier with a person having the same ideas and there is a sense of mutual understanding in a relationship. As a result, fights and arguments are much less which means people don’t have to spend their valuable time explaining things in their busy lifestyle. A number of scientific studies have proven that a person connects to others with the same personality much faster. Also, they can share their secrets with a friend more comfortably without having a fear of being judged.

        On the other hand, having a friend who disagrees can help a person look at a particular situation in a different perspective therefore a person can become more open to new ideas and beliefs. This can lead to development as an individual and open more space for feedback. Moreover, a person can build a habit of being an active listener. In case of a difficult situation, they can count on their friend who can help them by looking at the problem in a different way, hence find a better solution.

        In the end, I think it depends from person to person when it comes to choosing a friend. Everybody should know that their opinion is not always the best so they should be more open to other people’s point of views Therefore, I believe choosing a friend with a different thinking pattern can lead to growth as an individual.

  4. Salomi Saxena says:

    Kindly rate this essay and provide pointers to improve:

    A friend is one with whom we can share our thoughts and ideas freely. Some people believe that one should be friends with people who are like-minded, whereas, others believe that a group of friends should have a diverse school of thought.

    On one hand most individuals want to have a group of friends where they all agree to the same ideas and thoughts. The age old saying “Birds of a feather flock together”, holds true for people with this opinion. As they believe it ensures that everyone is on the same page and there is no room for friction due to the same thought process. People with the same thought process would have to face a challenge of boredom as the conversations can get dull due to similar interests and taste in everything. For instance, if two friends have the same taste in food they would always hang out at the same restaurant and not explore anything new, which might get repetitive and boring after a while.

    On the other hand, there are individuals who feel that there should be a healthy mix of people with different opinions and thoughts in a group in order to grow on an intellectual level and help in shaping one’s personality. They believe that no two people are alike and everyone is entitled to have a different opinion, which makes conversations and discussions more interesting. For example, two friends with differing car preference would have a plethora of information to share with each other in regards to the cars that they like, resulting in broadening their intellectual horizons. Albeit, there will be times when a normal conversation may turn into a heated argument and may lead to tension among the individuals.

    In the end I would like to conclude, that everyone has the right to choose whom they wish to befriend. But I believe that out of the above mentioned arguments I would choose the latter as it helps in having a healthy discussion as well as in understanding everyone’s perception to know more about something.

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