Some People Think High End Technology Can Cut Down The Rate Of Committing Crimes | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think high-end technology can prevent and cut-down the rate of committing crimes. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Technological advancements have had influence on every aspect of life. Some people believe that the state-of-the-art technology has reduced the occurrence of crime. I completely agree with this view.

Emphatically, over the past two decades enough work is done in the field of science and technology to safeguard the citizens. To begin with, safety of women always remains top priority for law enforcement agencies and is addressed to a large extent by designing location sharing applications. Women can share SOS messages to police as well as near-ones in case of danger and can be rescued. Secondly, we have enormous cutting-edge technologies that act as a deterrent for people to commit crime as they are afraid of getting caught during police investigations. For instance, lie-detectors, narco analysis, phone recording, forensic science, surveillance camera and many more have solved many baffling cases immediately sending rogue offenders behind the bars. Such speedy redressal of crime prevents devious people with mala fide intensions from committing offense.

Furthermore, information technology department has extended their vigilance over online hackers, and extremists active on social media. The cyber crime department across the globe share information within no time to prevent online hacking, and to trace the location of hackers. They also prevent anti-social elements from spreading malice / ill will. Last but not least, surveillance camera, burglar alarms, and many more dented the confidence of burglars to execute theft. Even stolen mobile phones could be tracked if it has tracking application installed in it.

In a nutshell, latest advancements in gizmos and science play a major role as crime rate is constantly on decline. The future will be more peaceful and safe for all.  

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6 Responses

  1. shubham says:

    Some people say that competitive sports have advantages for people from different groups and countries, while other believe that competitive sports only create problems between people. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    It is said that competitive sports help the people belong from other sections of society by uplifting their social status. However, other believe that competitive sports only create difference among the society. This essay is an attempt to discuss the both side of this approach.
    To begin with, there are numerous benefits of competitive sports in the society. Firstly, it unifies the people come from different backgrounds, societies, castes and countries into one team and motivates them to play for their team. For example, in many prestigious international institutions, many migrant students participate in the college football team and play unanimously for their college. Secondly, it gives opportunity to the marginalized students who has talent and skills to play for their nation thus result in upliftment of their social status in the country.
    Nevertheless, there are people in the society who believe that competitive sports only create problems between the people. There are many instances in the history where the deserving players didn’t get the chance to play for their team just because they belonged to other country, religious, group which consequently, broke their morale and perhaps force them to leave the sports permanently. Moreover, Racism, biasness are very common in the sports team like football, rugby, hockey to favour their favourite player.
    After analyzing the above views, it is not very hard to recapitulate that competitive sports have both positive and negative impacts on the society. Competitive sports if taken correctly can be an opportunity to unite the people from different groups and spread brother-ship in the team and if taken wrongly then can be a factor to put sown the morale of particular group of people.

  2. cha says:

    It is often considered by many that, living in a cutting -edge technology often reduce the the rate of crime in society. This essay agrees that living in computer era reduced the amont of crime in society. Firstly,this essay will discusss about mapping technology and secondly, how some extraordinary devices namely surveivlance camera and lie detectors can minimise offences.

    To begin, firstly, technology has provided us much safety and security by sharing many useful applications in our mobile phones. in other words, compared to previous mobile phones now a days we have much updated mobiles where we can send a text or share a location when we are in dangerous situations, so that someone can track us and save our life in addition, creminals can be caught and punished. for instance a recent survey conducted by police department shows that 40 percent of criminals caught by tracking the place shared by the public when there were in trouble. Thus, certainly, technolgy is useful in order to reduce crime ratio.

    Secondly, offences are reduced in urban areas by installing survevilence cameras in the areas with crowds namely street markets, traffic junctions and in some super markets. This makes offenders to be more frightened and stop to themselves indulging in illegal activities. For example, In Bnagalore, there is an evidence of 20percent reduced crime rate after installing cameras on street markets. Threfore, adopting cameras which are developed in modern technology can mininmise offence rate.

    In conclusion, I strongly agree that in this contemporary era, computer technology is extremely advantageous in order to prevent illegal activity by installing cameras and sharing applicationon moblie phones.

  3. Lantos says:

    In the past decade technology has advanced with much more speed than expected, while the rules and regulations around these developments are still in some areas unclear , it is certain that technology advancement has improved the lives of many and has caused the number of crimes to drop and eventually built safer environments, but we cant forget that these advancements could also lead to more crimes in unstable societies at the same time.

    in the other hand, it has helped the governments to have more control over their population with the use of technologies such as face tracking cameras, lie detectors and sensors to identify the criminals faster and more efficient, but does all the governments use these technologies only to the people’s benefit or will they be able to use them against them when they disagree to their opinions? for example in some developing counties they use these devices to spy on their own citizens while in other more developed countries these technologies will only be used for the soul purpose of tapping on to criminals or receiving traffic and weather data.

    furthermore, as technology has evolved over the years, most of our lives has been effected by it in different ways, from something as simple as shopping online, booking tickets or using internet for education to new advancements in banking systems and innovative decentralised virtual currencies ,but all of these comes with the risk of criminalisation and unfortunately it has created the new ways of money laundry and corruption all over the world.

    to conclude, I firmly believe that the advancement in technologies can lower the crime rates while creating new ways of committing crimes, the only way to control these situations in the future is to update our laws regarding to the new developments in tech industries and be as open and transparent as we can while doing so.

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