Some People Think Governments Should Focus On Reducing Environmental Pollution and Housing Problems To Help People Prevent Illness And Disease

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No doubt, people’s health is influenced by the environment and housing conditions. That is why some people opine that governments should focus more on environment and housing to prevent various ailments. While I do admit that these areas require attention, in my opinion, by simply addressing environmental pollution and housing scarcity, we cannot see much of an improvement in public health.

Indeed, environmental pollution and dirty surroundings cause many health problems. For example, air pollution is a major issue in cities and consequently many urban residents suffer from respiratory ailments. Lack of access to clean water is another problem that millions of people face in poor countries. Unhygienic surroundings are the breeding grounds of mosquitoes and fleas which spread many diseases. Therefore, if the government looks into environmental pollution and provides basic housing amenities, such problems can be avoided to a great extent.

Nevertheless, simply focusing on the environment and housing will not prevent all diseases. The government has to do much more. It has to allocate a portion of its budget to prevent diseases through vaccinations. It should also spend on screening tests through which serious diseases such as cancer can be detected long before actual symptoms occur. In earlier stages most cancers are totally curable through inexpensive treatments. Launching health awareness campaigns is another thing governments can do to improve public health. Even if the government provides housing to all, diseases can still spread if people are ignorant and allow stagnant water to collect in their surroundings.

In conclusion, although giving priority to environmental issues and housing will improve public health, a lot more has to be done to eradicate diseases. The government, for example, has to launch health awareness campaigns, provide free vaccinations and regular health checkups to ensure that people live a healthy and long life.

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