Some People Say That Working Couples Must Share Household Responsibilities Equally

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According to some people, in families where both spouses work, the household responsibilities must be equally divided between them. I fully agree with this view.

In the past, men were the breadwinners. They went out to work and earned money to support the family. Women used to stay at home taking care of the children. They cooked, cleaned and performed other jobs around the house. The situation has changed. Men are no longer the sole bread winners. In fact, in many families now both spouses work. In this scenario, it is imperative that spouses share household responsibilities.

Men and women have the same number of hours in a day. After working in the office for 7 or 8 hours, men can come home and relax themselves by watching TV or reading the newspaper. Working women, on the other hand, do not have this luxury. In many societies, they are still expected to be responsible for performing all household activities on their own. This is unfair because just like men, women also need some relaxation. They are also tired after a long working day. If the husband refuses to share domestic responsibilities, the women may either have to quit their job or sacrifice their leisure time. In either case, it will lead to resentment and affect the bonding between the partners.

Conversely, if men agree to perform their share of household responsibilities, women will also have some time for themselves. This improves their overall relationship and sense of well being and makes the home a happier place for the children. Also, when children grow up seeing their parents sharing all responsibilities, they also learn valuable lessons that will improve their future relationships. From early childhood, they learn that both genders are equal and deserve the same treatment.

When both partners work, it is good for the financial security of the family and hence this trend has to be promoted. At the same time, partners should be encouraged to equally share all responsibilities to ensure that neither the husband nor the wife feels overburdened.

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