Some People Say That We Can Now Watch Films On Phones And Tablets | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that now we can see films on our mobile phones or tablets there is no need to go to the cinema. Others say that to be fully enjoyed, films need to be seen in a cinema. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is believed by many that there is no need to go to movie halls anymore since we can now, watch movies on our mobile devices and tablets as per our convenience. On the other hand, a few others think that films can be completely enjoyed only in a cinema. This essay will discuss both these views and will explain why watching films on electronic devices is a better option in today’s time and age.

With the advancements in technology, life has become comfortable and convenient like never before. These days accessing a high definition quality movie over the internet is a very simple task. Portals like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar provide a variety of options of different genres of movies to choose from. Additionally, watching movies at home is better suited to people with time constraints. These people can easily pause and play the picture as per their liking and schedule.

However, watching films in a movie theatre has its own advantages. Many people still enjoy films in theatre because of the bigger cinema Screens, Dolby surround sound system, quieter environment and no distractions. All these factors give a superior viewing experience while watching the movie. To exemplify, an action scene in a 3D film has a powerful and a more realistic impact on its audience in a cinema hall than when it is watched on the small screen of mobiles.

In my opinion, seeing films on our gadgets is a better option in terms of saving time and money. This is mainly because it gives us the freedom to watch the movie as per our schedule and helps in saving a substantial amount of money which goes into buying expensive movie seat tickets and refreshments thus making it a more appealing choice for many especially the youngsters.

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2 Responses

  1. Farhi says:

    Over the centuries, cinemas has been expanding by the mushrooms growth as people are fond of watching films in the theatres whilst others opine to watch on gadgets. This essay shall shed light on both these views and then my opinion on the matter.

    According to some section of society, cinemas is the prime mode of entertainment as it has excellent effect of audio visuals which could not be seen at home on gadgets. To paradigm, TOI reports that majority of them finds movie halls alluring and proves to be a stress buster, as by watching movies person gets relax and become jovial and next day at work efficiency has been observed. Also in this fact paced world everyone is busy and movie is the one of the way to see friends by making a plan to watch a movie.

    Nevertheless, it is undeniable fact that technology has been upgraded by leaps and bounds so one can watch the movies at home on their own comfort. For example , one can watch a movie on Netflix at any time during a day or at night with family. Also there is minimal cost when the movies are being watched at home however it could cost much when movies has to be seen in a movie with entire family. In cinemas conversations with other humans is not possible but at home everyone can have a conversation and can laugh and enjoy the moment.

    To recapitulate, I am an adamant supporter of watching a movies at cinema also at home according to the situation.

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