Some People Say That The Main Way To Be Happy In Life Is To Have A Lot Of Money | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say the main way to be happy in life is to have a lot of money. How might having a lot of money make people happy? What other things in life can make people happy?

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Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people believe that more money is equal to more happiness. In my opinion, having a lot of money helps us to lead a comfortable life while also allowing us to buy the best things for our children. Ultimately, this empowerment leads to happiness. Having said that, there are also many other things that make people happy. For example, being contented with what we have and helping other people who are in need are great ways to find happiness in life.

Money gives us the power to buy things. This purchasing power helps us lead a comfortable and happy life. For example, a good house and a luxury car can definitely make our life more comfortable. Additionally, money can allow us to get the best of things for our children such as good education, extra-curricular activities and nice vacations. A recent study showed that people who can afford a good education for their children, feel a greater sense of achievement and are generally happier than people who cannot provide a good education for their children.

However, there are other things in life that can also make people happy. A feeling of contentment can allow people to not get caught up in this materialistic rat-race and appreciate the things one already has. Otherwise, one can get caught in this endless loop of always wanting the next best thing and being forever unhappy in the process. Also, helping others, in whatever small way that is possible, leads to great happiness. A recent study showed that, people who give more to charity are on average happier than people who do not donate to charity. This practice of helping someone leads to great happiness.

In conclusion, many people believe that having a lot of money leads to great happiness. This essay discussed that money can help you feel happy by enabling you to have a comfortable life for yourself and your family. The other things that can make us happy are a sense of contentment and altruistic attitude towards others.

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