Some People Say That The Government Should Increase The Tax On Petrol | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people tell that to reduce the traffic and pollution, government should increase the tax on the petrol. Would there be more benefits than the drawback?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In the modern society, traffic and pollution have become a major problem. The government is coming up with various schemes to fight / tackle this menace; however, there is no solution yet. A few people are of the opinion that increasing the tax on petrol may help to improve the situation as this measure will help to reduce the number of vehicles and the resultant air pollution. In my opinion, this move will have more disadvantages than advantages.

Petrol plays a very important role when we count the factors that impact the economy. If the price of petrol increases, it will affect the price of other commodities as well. Commodities need to be transported from place to place and when the cost of transportation increases, essential items will become expensive making survival difficult for the common man. Also, when oil prices increase, the public transport will also become costlier. The poor sections of the society will be the worst hit by this measure because the hike in the price of petrol will not deter the rich from driving their own vehicle.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that a drop in traffic will reduce air pollution. Automobiles are just one of the causes of pollution. There are various other factors such as wildfires, the burning of crop residues, and factories. Serious measures need to be taken to control them.

To conclude, after discussing the various factors contributing to pollution, it is not hard to say that petrol is not the only reason for all the problems. In my opinion, petrol prices should not be increased as this move will impact not only related sectors but also the entire economy. Worse, it is unlikely to deliver the intended result.

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