Some People Say That The Education System Is The Only Critical Factor In The Development Of A Country | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that the education system is the only critical factor in the development of a country. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Since ancient times, schools have been considered as the temple of knowledge. Therefore, it is often believed by the majority of the population that the education system is the backbone of a nation’s progress. I completely agree with this statement. This essay will discuss how education benefits a nation and its people.

Undoubtedly, education plays a significant role in students’ career and ensuring a better life for them. Having more qualified professionals reduces the unemployment rate of a country. In other words, employed candidates contribute their academic knowledge and expertise skills to their working field. This offers benefits to the organization and consequently a better national economy. For example, a recent study by Cambridge University revealed that nowadays developed countries are contributing more funds to the education system considering it as an important factor of progression.

Furthermore, education not only enhances the local economy but also leads to a better society. This is because when people are educated, they have improved chances of finding better jobs and earning a higher income. Rich people pay more taxes and thus benefit the nation. In addition, activities such as crimes, corruption, and other illegal actions will decline. This is due to consciousness about the rules and regulations of law. This is due to awareness of the laws and regulations. For instance, a recent survey conducted in metro cities of India found that crime and poverty rates have decreased.

In conclusion, the education system is always considered as an imperative factor for the development of a nation as it develops a nation’s economy and the living standards of the people.

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  1. Afrin says:

    ■ Some people believe that schools should group their pupils according to
    academic ability. Others believe students should be grouped together regardless of
    academic ability.Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Many individuals claim that educational institutions should encourage streaming students based on their academic potentiality, whereas others oppose this phenomenon. This essay will shed light on both the perspectives and concludes with my opinion.

    To begin with, schools separate their students according to their academic ability. This is because teachers can work at the right speed for their students and also can plan more suitable lessons. As a result, high-level groups may progress faster and low-level groups can benefits from a slower pace. At the same time, it is also beneficial to pupils. In other words, learners of the same level can learn at the same speed. For example, according to a survey conducted by Cambridge University, it was found that 75% of the reputed schools in the United Kingdom are following streaming method in order to enhance effective learning and better positive academic results.

    On the other hand, grouping students may have a negative impact on pupils. Children do not want to be seen as less intelligent than others and are more likely to lose motivation. Consequently, streaming could damage students’ self- esteem. Furthermore, scholars of different levels arw not able to assist each other as they are separated. In contrast, mixed ability classes encoy everyone to achieve their potential. For instance, a study by the Oxford University revealed that the schools which do not adopt grouping method are more likely to achieve higher grades in both studies and extra curricular activities.

    In conclusion, although grouping children according to their abilities have advantages by teaching method learning speed, I firmly believe that the effective education system and enthusiasm in student’s learning is practically possible from mixed ability classes.

  2. ARUN says:

    It is often considered by many that the education system is solely responsible for the development of a nation. This essay completely agrees with the statement. Firstly, this essay will demonstrate that high-level education offers a plethora of job opportunities, and secondly, this will includes that well-educated people have vast knowledge about health which minimizes high mortality and morbidity rate.
    To begin with, when people have been completed university education they are more likely to get high remuneration jobs. Having high-paid jobs not only enhances their personal economic status but also improves the country’s economy through taxes. if people don’t pursue university studies this scenario might lead people and country face a devastating economic downturn. For instance, the Ministry of Education in the US reported that the illiteracy rate is jus about 15% this does not affect the economic growth of a nation.

    It is not uncommon that highly educated people undoubtedly have in-depth knowledge about maintaining personal hygiene and good health. In other words, when people are educated they usually know the consequences of ill health so they immensely strive to have a well-balanced diet and regular exercise to become fit and healthy which helps to maintain a healthy society and healthy country. For example, The Times reported in March 2019 that in Thailand 80% of people are healthy because of the high literacy rate. Therefore, education is essential to have a healthy and developed nation.
    In conclusion, after discussing the pertinent points I would reiterate that the education system is the only key to develop a nation. when people are educated they would employ in a high remuneration profession job this would help to have healthy and sustainable economic growth of a nation.

  3. Rajinder Sandhu says:

    Some people believe that high literacy rate is the single factor responsible for the development of any country. Personally, I opine that only one factor can not help any country to make progress, and I, therefore, partly agree with the assertion that the education system will be the only imperative factor for the development.
    Undeniably, education is of paramount importance and can help in various spheres of progress. Firstly, educated population will be aware of their rights and duties which will motivate the governments to be more productive and less corrupt. Additionally, literate people can utilize the government schemes efficiently. For example, though, the government has multiple schemes to curb antisocial activities like child labour, child marriages, and dowry, uneducated class is not aware and still follows these practices. In short, education is important in development of any country, but it is not enough.
    Despite the advantages of having an elite education system, any nation for its overall development requires other factors such as job creation, infrastructure development, industry establishment, and foreign investment. Without these factors, high level education will only generate unemployment which is visible in developing countries like India and Pakistan. Moreover, educated people will prefer to migrate to developed countries for better living standards and financial stability. As a result, the country will not able to reap the benefits of investment in their education sector.
    In conclusion, while education is an imperative factor for development, it is handicapped without sufficient jobs. So, I partly agree with the proposition that education is only factor responsible for the development.

  4. JIGNESH PATEL says:

    Hello mam , i have one question regarding opinion essay can we write 100% rather than 70/30 .

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      If you fully agree with the given argument, then the whole of your essay should explain why you agree.

  5. Harsh says:

    It is argued whether or not providing education to people is the sole way to the growth of a nation. While education plays vital role in the progress of a country, I believe that there are some other domains too that contributes equally in the development.
    Education is a factor that acts as a major contributor in the development of a country. In order to get a job people require relevant education in a particular field. This not only help people eradicate their economical problems, but also make them able to do something for the society as well as country. For example, people become lawyer, public administration officers, teachers, doctors and so on, and work for the welfare of the society by acquiring adequate education. This is possible when the nation has good good education system.
    Health and medical is an another crucial factor in the progress of a country that need to be taken into consideration. The current situation, for instance, when the whole world is suffering from lethal disease caused by covid-19, nations who have firm health system are able to overcome this unforeseen situation and work on the further plans of the well-being and progression of the nation. of course, good health system is really critical for country’s success.
    The other domain that is important for the succession of a nation is trade. It is a field which acts as a major text generator. When businessmen sell their products in the market, government fetch tax. The more the products are sold, the more tax is. Which is further used in developing different sectors of the nation. Henceforth, the onus of nation’s development rest on trade too.
    In conclusion, even though education system is a big contributor in national progress, health and trade also give equal share in country’s success.

  6. vikas says:

    Many argued that education is of utmost importance for the progress of a nation. I completely disagree with this view as there are other important factors such as medical as well as employment opportunities.
    Healthcare system is the backbone of a country in its development. When the government is able to provide finest medical facilities to its citizens, all ailments of people can be treated easily. This will make sure that everyone has sound health. A healthy population will work even harder, which will help to boost the economy of a country. For instance, almost every developed nation has first class medical facilities for its people; however, in developing and underdeveloped nations these facilities are not up to mark. Therefore, good medical facilities are the base for a developed nation.
    Another decisive factor for the growth of a country’s education is adequate job opportunities. When there are sufficient jobs available in a country then everyone will be employed and can earn livelihood easily. They will lend a helping hand in the growth of a nation by paying taxes. That is why government should create more and more jobs, and this will be possible when multinational companies invest in a country .It will automatically generate new vacancies and also the import-export rate will hike up. Consequently, the nation will develop at a faster rate. China, for example, offers big companies to set up industries in the country and this has proved boon for them as their economy has been boosting faster and in order to become a developed nation from a developing country in a short span of time.
    In conclusion, I reiterate that apart from education system, medical facilities and job opportunities are also crucial for a nation to develop.

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