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Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required.  Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people argue that building more sporting facilities is the most effective way to improve public health; however, others argue that playing a sport or building more sports clubs alone is not sufficient. According to them, other measures are required to ensure public health. I do admit that sports are beneficial for health, but in my opinion people also need to follow a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Beyond doubt, there are several benefits to indulging in sporting activities. Most of the outdoor and indoor sports require physical effort and this in turn makes a person active and flexible. This definitely helps to better the physical body. To illustrate, a person indulging in regular sports is bound to be fitter than a person who does not participate in any major physical activities or sports. In addition to that, playing a sport benefits the mental health and keeps a person agile and active in their thinking. Thus, we can see why some people are of the view that playing sports is the most ideal way to attain balanced health. 

However, playing a sport alone is not sufficient. It is also important for people to watch their diet. If they follow a nutritious diet and play a sport regularly, they have very good chances of maintaining good health. For example, no matter how much sport we play it is not going to be that effective until we follow a proper diet and exercise regime. Exercise helps the body to gain the agility and lose extra calories and a balanced diet makes sure that the amount of supplements required to the body is supplied in an efficient way and the body does not put on the extra calories and fat. Therefore, it is clear why people consider measures like exercise and balanced diet more effective than merely playing sport to attain good health. 
To conclude, people might vary in their opinion but I firmly advocate that playing a sport alone will not be that effective in improving the fitness level of a person. In addition to playing, people should exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that the best method to make people healthier is by developing more sports arenas; however, some individuals say that the outcome of these developments would be minimal / negligible, and other solutions are needed. In my opinion, a nutritious diet is vital for people’s health, and exercise can be beneficial only if they are consuming healthy food. This essay will discuss both the viewpoints.

Some individuals opine that if the number of gyms, swimming pools, and similar facilities increases, it will help in building a healthier society. This is because if people do not engage themselves in physical activities, their health tends to deteriorate. If sports facilities increase, it will give them easy access to these places and multiple options to work out. If they get bored of lifting weights or running, they can try swimming, which will improve their health. To illustrate, most people having desk jobs are getting obese because they are living a sedentary lifestyle, and that is why more sports facilities can be helpful for improving public health.

On the contrary, others say that working out and increasing the number of sports facilities alone cannot make people healthier because human bodies require minerals and vitamins, which can be obtained only through a healthy diet. Although exercise may be beneficial to get rid of excessive fat, leafy vegetables and citric fruits develop a robust immune system that helps a person’s body to fight against viruses and bacteria. Additionally, exercise is not a viable solution for aged people in the community because they cannot lift weight or do an intense workout. For instance, according to many nutritionists a person’s health depends a lot more on their diet than their fitness regime.

To conclude, increasing sports facilities will certainly benefit public health but that is not the best or the only solution. In my opinion, encouraging people to eat healthy is even more important.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 2

It is argued that the best method to make people healthier is to build more sports facilities in the community. However, others say that the outcome of these facilities will be minimal, and other solutions are needed. In my opinion, increasing sports facilities alone will not help. The government should make quality food available to all and encourage people to eat right.

Easy availability of gyms, swimming pools and similar facilities can be an encouraging factor for many people. For instance, at present, people spend a major part of their day in corporate offices, and they do not want to travel long distances to work out. If authorities increase the number of sports facilities, individuals will get easy access to these places, and it will encourage them to work out and make them healthier. Therefore, it is necessary to develop sports infrastructure for improving public health.

On the other hand, without eating nutritious food, people cannot benefit much from running, swimming or lifting weights. This is because minerals and vitamins are vital for building a robust immune system, which is obligatory for a healthy human body. For example, most nutritionists say that exercise is only 35% helpful in making individuals healthier, and rest 65% depends on the quality of food they are consuming. Hence, it is clear that progress in the sports infrastructure alone is insufficient to improve people’s health, and it is necessary to upgrade their diet as well.

To conclude, the aforementioned points make it evident that the increment in sports facilities is beneficial for people’s health. In my opinion, along with this measure, other solutions such as making nutritious meals affordable are imperative for the improvement in public health.

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