Some People Say That Spending Time To Develop A Successful Career Is The Most Important Thing | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that spending time to develop a successful career is the most important thing whereas others say that spending time with family and friends is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In this highly competitive and fast paced world, time is the most precious commodity. It is believed by some that spending time on building a successful career is crucial whereas others feel spending time with near and dear ones is a lot more important. In my opinion, it is more important to strike a balance between one’s personal and professional life as both are of equal importance.

Some people tend to think that devoting time to career is more important than anything else. This is because having a successful career would enable them to earn more and give a good and fulfilling life to their family. The cost of living has increased so much so that what was once considered a fat salary is now merely sufficient to make both ends meet.  Also, career is much more than a source of income for people who are passionate about their profession. Doing what they love makes them happier individuals, keeping their inner spirits up always.

However, another section of the society feels that it is important to invest time in personal relationships. Spending time with people close to us is a proven way to rejuvenate and relax our minds. A good trip with family or a perfect day out with friends can help us keep our mental health stable. Also, people are the ones who stay with us throughout our lives. By contrast, we can pursue a career for only a certain part of our lives.

In my opinion, a right balance between professional and personal lives is very much important since our happiness depends on both. A successful career enables us to provide a better quality of life to our family and investment of good time in people helps us to refresh our mind and do better at work.

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