Some People Say That Radio Is The Best Way To Get News While Others Think That Television Is Better | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that radio is the best way to get news while others think that television is better for this purpose. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS Essay sample

Everyone wants to stay informed of the happenings around them. They may get this information through a variety of sources like radio or television. Some people believe that the radio is better, while others believe that the television is the best. This essay will discuss both views and explain why television is a better source of news and information.

Some people prefer to listen to radio for news and information. Radio certainly has many advantages. Firstly, it is very easy to carry it from one place to another since it is very lightweight. Secondly, you can listen to the radio even when you are traveling. Actually, you can listen to the radio while you are working in the kitchen, garage or garden because radio does not require you to be physically present in front of it. For instance, many truck drivers use radio during drives and it is the first source of news for them. Finally, radio is very cheaper than television. Thus, some people find radio more useful than television.

On the other hand, television has its own advantages. First and foremost, it shows the audio along with the video. That is why it becomes easier for viewers to understand the news completely. It is hard to describe everything using only audio. The rise / growth in the number of television viewers over the last few decades is a good indication of this. Furthermore, advancement in technology has drastically reduced the television’s price in the last few years. Therefore, people can now easily have access to television.

To sum up, both radio and television are good at transmitting news in their own ways. While radio is a good source when someone is travelling, television provides greater coverage of news. I am of the opinion that television is better than radio and its growing viewership is a testimony of this.

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2 Responses

  1. seema says:

    The news is a pivotal part of human daily life. People depend on different sources for the news on a daily basis such as television, radio, internet, or newspaper, etc. A fraction of people considers radio is the best way to get news, whereas, few others are of the opinion that television is the best way to get news. This essay will discuss both the views with examples and then conclude with my personal view.
    On one side, there is no doubt that radio is one of the best way to get news because it is cheap and easily accessible at any place. For example, while traveling, or at garden or kitchen, etc. Radio does not depend on electricity or internet so it becomes very easy to handle anywhere. But the main drawback is the delay in transmitting the news especially live news.
    On the other hand, television provides a wide range of news with audio and video in short span of time. One of the main highlights of the visual media is the live news which helps the people to be updated. Individuals can hear and view the news as the same effect as they are on the incident spot. This type of providing news helps people to understand the matter more vividly.
    To conclude, both radio and television play an important role in transmitting news. But, I am of the opinion that television is better than radio as it can provide both video and audio, as well as people, can get live news more easily.

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