Some People Say That Public Libraries Are No Longer Important

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According to some people, it is no longer necessary to maintain public libraries. However, several others disagree with them. In my opinion, public libraries still have a major role to play in our lives and as such they ought to be preserved.

The chief argument against public libraries is that they have become redundant after the advent of the internet. Every bit of information known to mankind is now available in its digital format on the internet and people can access it on their mobile phones, computers or even smart televisions. So, obviously, libraries have lost some of their importance. Students doing research no longer have to frequent libraries looking for reference material because they can find everything online.

On the other hand, just because information is available on the internet does not mean that time has come for public libraries to be shut down. Libraries are much more than a storehouse of books. They provide a distraction free ambience conducive to learning and reading. The internet, by contrast, is full of distractions. Also, books available in libraries are an authentic source of information. The internet, on the other hand, has both true and false information and it is not easy for a reader to check the veracity of the information they find online. There are also still many people who are not comfortable with the idea of reading online. There are also many areas where the internet connectivity is not very reliable. All of these factors necessitate the existence of libraries.

In conclusion, it is true that the internet is a treasure trove of information. This, however, does not mean that libraries are no longer required. They are and they should be protected because they have a highly curated collection of books that provide authentic information.

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