Some People Say That Older People Should Stay With Their Adult Children | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that older people should live with their adult children, while others think they should live in homes specially built for old people. Which do you think is a better practice?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people opine that senior citizens should reside with their children whereas others disagree with this view and insist that old age homes are a better alternative for them. In my opinion, it is more beneficial for aged people to live in a senior care facility where they have access to quality healthcare and ample opportunities to socialize with others of their age.

Contrary to popular perception, life in a senior care home is neither boring nor stressful. Residents of an old age home get lots of opportunities to interact with others of their age. Studies have shown that being socially active is essential for happiness in all stages of life. It is even more important during old age when people feel more vulnerable. Senior care facilities also have doctors and other healthcare professionals to offer the best care to people living in them. They also get to eat nutritious meals on time and if they need help to perform their day to day activities, it is provided too.

By contrast, staying with one’s own grown children might seem more beneficial but in most cases, it is not quite so. Many parents staying with their adult children have to cope with extreme levels of loneliness. In many families now both the husband and the wife work. When children also leave for school, the aged parent usually has to spend an entire day all alone in a house. It is also not uncommon for many seniors to have difference of opinion with their children. Often times, this leads to arguments and conflicts which further diminish the quality of life for the senior.

To summarise, though it is believed that seniors get good care and company when they live with their children, it is not always true. Many seniors living with their children are condemned to a life of loneliness; hence, in my opinion, it is better for them to live in a care home where they can receive both healthcare and opportunities to interact with their peers.

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