Some People Say That Old Buildings Should Be Restored; Others Say That They Should Be Demolished | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that old public buildings in cities should be restored while others say that they should be demolished and new buildings should be built instead. Discuss Both sides and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

People often debate whether old buildings should be restored or demolished. In my opinion, they should be restored; however, I will discuss both sides of the argument in this essay.

Old public buildings are beneficial for the society as a whole in many ways. They help the younger generation to understand and appreciate their culture and tradition in a better way. In addition to that they make them learn about the architecture of that period. In the olden days, there is was electricity or modern construction equipment. Yet, skilled masons managed to build structures that remain architectural marvels even today. It is a pity and a monumental loss to demolish them. Therefore, in my opinion, instead of demolishing these buildings, the government should restore them so that they can be used as government offices, tourist attractions or hotels and by doing this the government can earn a considerable revenue. Palaces of kings being used as municipal offices in Punjab and as hotels and tourist attractions in Udaipur are some of the examples of old being used in an effective way after restoring.

On the other hand, people advocating against restoring these buildings put forth the argument that the cost of refurbishing the building is sometimes more than the cost of demolishing and constructing new building. Moreover, due to increase in population and advancement in technology the architecture of modern world has changed completely. Now emphasis has to be put on eco friendly building which can incorporate renewable sources of energy like solar energy. To add to it, the number of offices and staff has increased so the old buildings are not able to cater to the need of different departments and therefore new buildings with modern design and infrastructure are required.

To conclude, no doubt the modern buildings with the latest design and amenities are the need of the hour, but lots of sentiments and social values are attached to historic buildings. Thus the demolition of old buildings should be considered only as the last option available.

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