Some People Say That Now We Can See Films On Our Phones Or Tablets And There Is No Need To Go To The Cinema | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that now we can see films on our phones or tablets and there is no need to go to the cinema. Others say that to be fully enjoyed, films need to be seen in a cinema. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Many people say that movies can now be seen on various smart devices without having to go to the cinema theatre; however, others still support going to the cinema in order to fully enjoy the movie. I strongly believe that nothing can beat the thrill of watching a movie in a cinema.

On the one hand, countless people are finding themselves watching films on their smart phones and tablets as it is more convenient. Furthermore, watching a movie on a mobile device is a lot less expensive than going to the theatre. For instance, the availability of entertainment websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime enables movie lovers to see their favourite movies at any time and at any place.

On the other hand, none of the aforementioned benefits of watching a movie on a phone or tablet can replace the joy of watching it in a cinema. This is because only when a movie is watched in a cinema, the audience can enjoy its visual and sound effects in its entirety. Furthermore, the lack of distractions in a theatre makes the movie experience much more joyful. For example, according to a survey 80% of movie lovers prefer watching a night show in the cinema to staying indoors and watching it on their television or laptop.

 For all of the above mentioned reasons, I strongly support the statement that seeing your favourite movie on the big screen in a cinema is more thrilling than watching it on tiny handheld screens.

To conclude, watching a movie on a small device is certainly more convenient and cost effective; however, watching it on the big screen in a cinema is an altogether different and a whole lot more enjoyable experience. It is up to the movie lover to decide what suits them the best.

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13 Responses

  1. Sarbjeet Singh says:

    Movies play an integral role in entertainment. According to some, there is no need to rush cinema anymore since the internet has provided us the facility to watch movies on smartphones. Others believe that people should visit cinemas to fully experience the pleasure of watching movies as they have many facilities and I agree with the latter view.

    The internet has bombarded us with tens of thousands of movies. There are many websites which provide an opportunity to watch and download movies on mobile phones, many of them are freely available. For example, Netflix has a large collection of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood. It is very easy to select one of them and watch while sitting in the comfort of home. Though there is a wide range of choices but it lacks interaction among friends and family members that may lead to homesickness.

    Watching movies in theatres provides pleasure and entertain us since they have good quality sound systems and High definition screens. For instance, in the latest 7D cinemas, we can also feel the atmosphere in movies which is not possible while watching movies on the tablet. Along with these facilities, nowadays, cinemas have food courts and game courts for all groups of ages where people can spend quality time with their peers. Consequently, cinemas have various facilities to provide us fully entertaining moments.

    In conclusion, In my opinion, although the internet facilitates us with large database movies that we can watch on mobiles but cinemas have many amenities that make the activity of watching movies more enjoyable.

  2. Rajvinder kaur says:

    Nowadays, everyone has smart phones and tablets. These gadgets making our life more easy. Some people believe that watching movies in cinema theater is wasting of money and time. However, some people like watch movies only in cinema hall. This will discuss both sides with relevant examples.

    To begin with the argument, some people saying they like to watch movies at home because they having a busy life style. Smart phones and laptops making their life more easy. In their leisure time they can watch movies with their family members at home. There is no need to buy movie tickets. Furthermore, they believe it can reduce there unnecessary expenses and they can use that money on other important things like medical,grocery or stationery. For example: Jadoo TV, Netflix TV and Amazon prime TV offering them excellent services to their customers. So they can watch any movie or drama at home any time without any hassles.

    On the other side of the argument, some people keen to watch their favorites movies only in cinema halls because they finding more amusement in watching movies on big screens with best quality sound. They saying nothing can beat the thrill of watching movies in cinema theater. They also saying, they are earning money for their better life and enjoyment. Tickets are expensive but its worth full. According to the recent survey, 70 percentage of the people like to watch movies in cinema hall and only 30 percentage people watching movies on laptops.

    In my point of view, watching movies at home is more convenient comparatively in movie theater because i do not like to sit in crowd to watch movie. Some people making lots of noise and distracting others while watching movie.

    To conclude,both argument showing majority of population is movie lover. The cost effective way is to watch movies at home but some people may find it boring. Watching movies on big screen is always a more enjoyable. However, that’s everyone personal choice.

  3. shm says:

    Nowadays, technology alter humans’ lives in all aspects including providing a great deal of opportunities in watching movies, films, animations and so on. There is a belief among some people that cinemas became impractical as we can watch movies on our gadgets such as our laptops, tablets and even mobile phones while others think that cinema make us more enjoyed seeing films in compare with watching movies at home. In my points of view, although technology bring us the opportunity to watch movies but it is undeniable that seeing films in cinema can be more exiting.
    In one hand, technology make us capable of downloading or watching all different kinds of movies online at any time during our leisure time even at midnight just by one click. Moreover, it brings a sense of comfortability as we can recline on our favorite sofa and have home-made snakes. It also brings us the opportunity to pause and then replay the movie at any time or play back to recognize any parts we miss. So, watching movies at our sweet home solely or with our friends and families provide many advantages which are not possible in cinema.
    In the other hand, watching movie in cinema can be much more enjoyable as other audiences’ reactions to different scenes of the film can motivates our feeling especially in horror or comedy movies. As an instance, watching a comedy film in cinema make us laugh more as other audiences laughing can affect us to laugh at some scenes which are not present much funny in our vision. Accordingly, watching movies in cinema is more enjoyable compare to see films on our gadgets. Moreover, we can watch the recent movies just in cinemas and we have to wait a lot for that movie to become available for perchance.
    To sum up, although watching movies online or at home is more comfortable and bring us the opportunity to see films at any time during the day, but watching movies in cinema is much more enjoyable and make us capable of watching the recent film which are on available on internet.

  4. Harjit says:

    Watching movies is one of the best ways to entertain themselves and this has also aroused the question on the option of watching films. One school of thought believes that people should watch films on electronic gadgets whilst others disagree and say that the movie theater is the best option for real enjoyment. Here, in this essay I would like to delve into both these arguments before forming an opinion.
    Going with the first school of thought, watching movies on electronic gadgets such as smartphones, DVD’s, T.V’s, and laptops has immense benefits. First and foremost advantage is their convenience. People can watch their favorite movies anywhere and anytime. Secondly, it is cheap to watch films on phones because people can download both old and new movies from internet sources such as movie apps,Netflix, youtube, and various sites free and with minimum payment. Thirdly, It helps to save time that people spend on going to the cinema.
    On the contrary, the opposite school of thought deems that though the above-mentioned technical advancements have brought tremendous revolution in watching movies but the real enjoyment from films, we can feel only in movie theaters. The first reason is that the screens are huge which gives a nice and unique experience. Moreover, seeing movies with others adds fun. Funny scenes become more funnier when people laugh together. Furthermore, we escape from reality and forget all worries of life in the theater room for 3 hours.
    In conclusion, both ways have their own benefits. So, we should use both to watch films.

  5. Partha Pratim Sarker says:

    Technological advancement brings entertainment in real ease through varieties of gadgets available. However, while some believe that watching movies is more enjoyable in smartphones, I side with those who feel that to experience its originality cinema hall is mostly appreciated.

    On the one hand, it could be argued that latest phones or tablets seem to a good medium for enjoying films. Availability of digital contents on the Internet is one of the reasons for this popularity. In other words, the Internet brings the flexibility for people to download their desired films, which makes it easier for them to access their desired content at their preferred time and place. Additionally, some people are more comfortable to watch movies at home through phone or other mini devices. They tend to avoid any sorts of distractions and sometimes use pause or rewind features available on smartphones or mini-devices to understand the unclear part, which provides them the opportunity to be entertained at their own choice.

    However, I firmly believe that going to the cinema hall is essential for pure entertainment. Multiplexes are often highly equipped and provide better facilities for movie lovers. Take 3D video as an example by which spectators can watch movies in a three dimension layer and can view the object move at a clear visual. These types of benefits can only be obtained if the user goes to the cinema in the hall. Another reason behind my opinion of going to the cinema is its flexibility to enjoy in a group of people. Many people love going to theatres with their family members or friends so that it works both as leisure and amusement. They can hang out before and between the movie and also share their excitement during the movie time. Consequently, this practice helps them to release the pressure of their busy schedule and work stress. In a sense, these types of people take going to the cinema hall as part of their entertainment and leisure time.

    In conclusion, although using mobile phones or tablets for watching movies is suitable for concentrating more; still, the latest facilities and enjoyment from participating in a group is not possible without entering into the movie hall. Therefore, I believe movie theatre is always a better place for real pleasure from movies.

  6. Susmita says:

    Some people say that now we can see films on our phones or tablets and there is no need to go to the cinema. Others say that to be fully enjoyed, films need to be seen in a cinema. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    The advancement of the technologies has definitely provided us replacement over hundreds of items. The devices which were a fad at some period of history has now become obsolete. It is commonly believed that we do not anymore need to step into the movie theatre in order to watch a movie, instead, we can simply have them on our portable devices such as tablets or smartphones and enjoy it whenever we want. However, there is still a remarkable amount of people who get entertained a movie only in the cinema hall. This article will discuss both perceptions and express my personal view of the topic.

    To start with, a significant amount of people have no time at all to go to a movie theatre even in their off days. Furthermore, working whole weekdays very hard definitely makes them tired, which they want to spend by relaxing at home and rather enjoy their anticipated movies in their personal devices. To Illustrate, electronics companies are widening their product’s screen by understanding the needs of their costumers. Consequently, it is clearly reflected over the years of electronics devices’ sizes and battery capacity.

    Apart from that, a huge number of people still follow the same old fashioned system of visiting the theatre and dedicate their time particularly to a movie, which they feel much enjoyable. Moreover, a recent development is even to sign up for the first show to be able to watch ahead of their friends or colleagues which makes more publicity of the movies and definitely attracts more people to watch. For instance, the movie Avengers: End Game has recently broken almost all records of viewers and business, which clearly shows the craze of the people in movies these days.

    Weighing both views, watching the picture in a cinema hall absolutely outweighs the concept of watching it on personal gadgets. What I personally believe is, we should watch our personal favorite films in a theatre than in our smartphones or tablets, because no new movies become available in those devices unless pirated, which is an unhealthy practice. Does having the fear of getting caught by the government makes us enjoy the movie?

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