Some People Say That Music Is A Good Way Of Bringing People Of Different Cultures And Ages Together

Music brings people together

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Many people believe that music helps in overcoming cultural differences and promotes unity among people of various age groups. In this essay, I will explain with examples why I completely agree with this popular opinion.

To begin with, it is the melody and the notes that make the soul of a song. Catchy tunes easily transcend cultural barriers and unite people of various nationalities through concerts, videos and social media. For example, the Music Across Borders concert organized in 2021 brought foreign artists to our living rooms and was watched by millions of viewers at the venues and via social media.

Musical compositions also bring people of different age groups together. Despite the rising popularity of flashy music videos, evergreen compositions with meaningful lyrics and soulful voice have caught the imagination of the old and young generations alike. A famous song by Kishore Kumar was re-launched very recently, making minor modifications to the recording quality and it inspired the youngsters to sing along with their parents and upload the videos to Youtube. This has reiterated the inherent ability of music to unite people of different age groups.

In conclusion, catchy tunes and international concerts help promote a sense of togetherness across cultural barriers while evergreen songs transcend generation gaps to unite people of all age groups, thus making music a boon for the mankind.

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