Some People Say That It Is Possible To Tell A Lot About A Person’s Culture And Character From Their Choice Of Clothes | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about a person’s culture and character from their choice of clothes.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The perspective that the way one dresses can implicate one’s culture and personality has sparked heated debates among many. While some people can argue that clothes merely enhance appearance, I believe that the choices people make regarding their outfits do reflect some critical aspects about them. Therefore, I agree with the given statement and I will explain supporting reasons in this essay.

To begin with, your dresses can be an important indicator of your religious backgrounds. There are some religions that require certain clothes to wear. For instance, if you see someone wearing Burkha on streets, it is almost always true that the person is heavily influenced by Islamic belief. In addition, there are Tibetan monks who wear specialized robes and in this case people can clearly tell that they are devoted to Buddhism. Similarly, there are other unique outfits for nuns, priests, et cetera. In such cases, it is definitely possible to tell about their religious cultures and backgrounds from their choice of clothes.

In addition to people’s beliefs, clothes can signify one’s personalities. People’s attitude and reactions toward current fashion trend will reflect in their appearances. Consequently, those people who are sensitive to popular fashion will choose to wear the latest style of dresses. If you are somewhat indifferent to the trend, then your outfits will be something classic. For example, I like to wear clothes that are more comfortable and ordinary and I believe this is reflective of my character that prioritizes practicality.

Last but not least, clothes can also be used to tell about people’s professions. For example, the white coat is associated with the medical profession and the black gown is associated with the legal profession. Likewise if you see someone in neat formal dress, it is safe to guess that the person is working in a job that requires facing customers for business or a more conservative corporate environment. However, if you saw someone going to work with jeans and T-shirts, you would think that the person is working in an IT company or other businesses with casual environments that prioritize creativity. Thus it is evident that, you can certainly tell something about people’s jobs and general attitude from their style of dressing.

In conclusion, what people choose to wear can clearly tell a lot about them including their cultural background, religious beliefs, and personalities. Hence, if you want to find out more about a person on the first meeting, it certainly makes sense to pay attention to their choice of outfits.

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