Some People Say That It Is Important To Keep Your Home And Workplace Tidy | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

A clutter-free and organised home and workplace is a necessity for many people. This essay agrees with the opinion that it is important to keep your working as well as living area clean and tidy as firstly, a clutter free environment ensures better productivity and secondly, it promotes better health. These points are elaborated in the essay.

A clean living and working area promote better productivity in individuals as clutter distracts the mind from the high priority tasks that need to be done. That is to say, if lots of things are spread everywhere and the place you are working in is dirty then it creates a sense of distraction and thus it becomes very difficult to concentrate on what you are doing. An experiment conducted by The Discovery Channel proved that the people working in a minimalistic environment where they had access to only relevant things completed the work given to them in half the time, in comparison to the people working in a cluttered workspace.

Furthermore, spending time in a cluttered and dirty area has also been associated with increased risk of health problems. This is because, dust and germs accumulates in messy areas and thus it further increases the chances of allergies, flu and other hazardous diseases. Due to this same reason, schools, government as well as various NGOs promote and preach that everyone must inculcate cleanliness as a healthy habit. For example, in 2017, Indian government promoted a “Clean India” programme for the betterment of the country, which required people to keep their surroundings clean. Another advantage of keeping everything in their proper place is we can save a lot of time. This is crucial in emergency situations. For example, even if we keep our home neat and tidy, if we do not know exactly where we put our keys, credit cards or health documents, we may land in serious trouble.

In conclusion, keeping home and office neat and clean and putting everything in their proper place is not only a healthy habit, but it also promotes better work productivity and thus saves time.

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