Some people say that cars are best to use in cities while others think that bicycles are better | Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

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Some people say that cars are best to use in cities while others think that bicycles are better. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The acceptable mode of transportation in cities is still a debatable topic. While a bunch of people believe that motor vehicles are the best means of transportation to be used in cities, others state that bicycles are better alternatives. Although automobiles are a comfortable and fast mode of transportation, in my opinion, bicycles are better for health and environment.

No doubt private cars are attractive means of transportation in major cities. They make traveling convenient. Driving a car is not a physically strenuous activity. Also, someone driving a car is not exposed to harsh weather. For example, take the case of Moscow where the temperature reaches freezing point in winter. In such extreme weather conditions it is impossible to use anything other than cars or public transport. Moreover, cars can save us a lot of time, especially when a person knows how to avoid congested traffic by using highways. However, in addition to the cost of fuels, maintenance and registry, finding parking spaces is another principle obstacle in utilizing private cars.

Bicycles as a mode of transportation in urban regions, on the other hand, are fascinating alternatives. They help to improve the physical fitness of riders and also control obesity-related health illnesses. A study showed that a daily 30 minutes bicycle ride can mitigate the risk of hypertension, diabetes and bad lipid disorders. Additionally, bicycles are eco-friendly means of transportation. That is to say that there is no risk of air pollution which is the key concern with the use of cars. Thus it is evident that using bicycles for transportation improves air quality in main cities. I opine that this method of transportation is good for urban areas and authorities should encourage more and more people to adopt it.

To conclude, bicycles and cars have their merits and demerits as modes of transportation. Even so, since pollution is a major problem in cities an eco-friendly option like bicycles is better than cars especially in favourable weather conditions. However, during extreme weather conditions, it is better to use cars.

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