Some People Say That Art Subjects Such As Music, Drama And Creative Writing Should Be Included In School Syllabus | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that art subjects such as music, drama and creative writing are an essential part of education, and every school should include them in its syllabus. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

For the holistic development of children, schools should have a perfect mix of academic as well as non-academic subjects. According to some people, it should be made compulsory for students to learn music, acting and creative writing. I agree with this viewpoint as learning these subjects will enhance their creative skills, and they will also get a much needed break from regular subjects.

To begin with, having extracurricular subjects such as arts, drama and creative writing in the syllabus helps students enormously. This is because when students learn these courses, it enables them to develop their creative, thinking and imaginative skills, which are beneficial for learning academic subjects. For instance, it is easier for a student with higher imagination capabilities to solve a complex mathematics problem. Additionally, some children are blessed with artistic skills so these classes will give them a platform where they can develop these abilities further and perfect them.

Another benefit of having non-academic subject in the syllabus is that it alleviates the academic pressure on children. These subjects give students a much needed break from their regular academic curriculum. Undoubtedly, competition among students has increased which can sometimes lead to stress. Therefore, it has become imperative for both schools and parents to let children spend some time doing activities which can give them a chance to relax their mind and body. For this reason, many schools have already included such subjects as part of their syllabus. If, however, students are not given this break, it will become difficult for them to stay focused, motivated and enthusiastic in other subjects because of stress.

To conclude, including arts, drama and creative writing in school curriculum will help students to reap rich benefits by strengthening their thinking power and relaxing their mind; therefore, they should be made a mandatory part of school syllabus.

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6 Responses

  1. lekshmi says:

    In this competitive world, a few people think that every school should include art subjects like music, drama, and creative writing along with the academic curriculum. I totally agree with this notion as it helps the children to develop their mental and physical abilities.
    To begin with, in this leaps and bound society children have to struggle a lot, to compete with other peers in order to get success and they have a lot of pressure also. To alleviate these tensions art subjects are a good remedy, which helps the child to relax and to think more widely. It also helps to tackle different situations which are harder for discipline. The importance of these subjects relates to one’s brain has been proved in several studies. For example, the studies conducted by a University of U.S for the IQ level shows that children who connect with extracurricular activities have more memory and caliber than others, who lacks these activities.
    Furthermore, due to the strenuous effort for studies, children got tired physically also which leads to several diseases like fatigue, headache, blurred vision and sometimes hindered the social activity also. In these cases, arts subjects play an imperative role which gives then a refreshment and relaxation. Secondly, each individual has their own talent and interest, everyone cannot succeed in the academics also so that the extracurricular activity which starts as a hobby can later be a serious profession to the children.
    To reiterate, although education plays a crucial part in life, extracurricular activities like arts, music, drama, etc. can help the child to have the best in life with ease and comfort.

    • ielts practice says:

      This is in the band 6 to 6.5 range. Work on your grammar. Tenses and subject-verb agreement are major issues in your writing.

  2. abror says:

    nowaday, art lessons for high schoolers are common problem in many countries which necessarily should be solved. some people support the idea which, such courses should not be mandatory. in this essay, i will explain and give details why art courses should be compulsory.

    many people know that students in high school feel theirselves really overworked. Fortunately, one of the good points of art courses is that, such courses give an opportunity for high school student to wind down and relax after daily studies. The surveys have shown that a human’s brain can relax when that person is doing painting. Thus, student can charge up their energy and study more productively after these classes

    unfortunately, most people don’t know how art lessons such as drawing ant painting benefit our mental condition. it is known from the recent research, the creative

  3. Shreya says:

    Art make people optimistic about their future. Owing to this, human being argue that non – academic subjects are benefits major to children. So that subjects must be included in their timetable. I strongly agree with the presented statement.
    One of the most evident benefit of having extracurricular subjects like art is that, it helps pupils to became well rounded. In other words, by having art subject, students can improve their imagination skill as well as boost their thinking power which is helpful for their academic subjects. Such as, it is easier for student to solve mathematics problem in seconds, by having their imagination skills. In addition, some child is blessed with artistic skills so these classes will gave them a chance to improve their knowledge towards their skills.
    Another benefit of having that subjects is that, by having art subject student can reduce their stress. In simple words, pupils have pressure to learn academic subject to pass the exam. Due to this, if there is existence of such subjects like art, students have can grab break from their school subjects. As a consequence, learners can relax their not only their mind but also their body. Owing to this, majority of educational institute included such subjects.
    All in all, there are many benefits of having art subject either it is music or creative writing, I think that, these subjects must be included in school as a part of their syllabus. As it will help students to improve their imagination power as well as thinking abilities.

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