Some People Say That Advertising Is Extremely Successful At Persuading Us To Buy Things | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people hold the opinion that advertising plays a vital role in convincing consumers to purchase products. However, others opine that advertising has lost its importance since many people have started ignoring it. I believe that advertising is still a primary way for many companies to sell their goods and this essay will elaborate on the same in the following paragraphs while discussing both the viewpoints.

On the one hand, in the current times, industries are using a plethora of marketing techniques such as captivating packaging designs, coupons, hefty discounts and other attractive offers in order to attract customers and boost their sales. Moreover, some companies reach their target audience with the help of sophisticated technological advancements such as email newsletters and online promotions to increase their customer count. For example, according to a survey conducted by Times of India, there was a huge rise in online sales in the past 5 years with a considerable change in the advertising methods and strategies used to attract consumers. Hence, it is evident that although there are changes in the advertising approaches, they still have an indispensable role to play in persuading people.

On the other hand, some individuals claim that they are less likely to pay heed to advertisements as they are omni present. Although it is possible to skip messages from some advertisers, it is impossible to resist the appealing offers that appear on the screens of mobile phones. To exemplify, many mobile users are reluctant to stop their urge to check the deals that are trending and thus they unintentionally click on the offer messages.

To conclude, advertising is still a potential leader in grabbing the attention of buyers even though some people try to disregard it.

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6 Responses

  1. Harsh says:

    People have different views about whether advertisements are persuasive or avoidable. While ignoring adverts is not uncommon among people, I believe that they leave remarkable impression on viewers’ minds.
    In the contemporary era, advertisements can be seen everywhere, such as on flyers, billboards, television, magazines and mobile. Sellers try to make people aware regarding their product by every possible means. However, human mind cannot be attentive to so much information present around them. For example, when people travel, they hardly pay attention to ads displayed on automobiles, billboards, or flyers. Also, it is commonly witnessed that whenever commercials are telecast on TV, people tend to switch to another channel. This is because of the presence of more than enough number of advertisements. Hence, ignorance of ads is quite common among people.
    Nevertheless, I feel that advertisements are quite influential on convincing people to buy products of their company. For this, they use different marketing gimmicks to make their advertisement intriguing, such as using catchy tunes, colors and storyline. They also use glamorous and famous faces in their ads to incline views. For example, the extraordinary sale of Vivo smart phones was witnessed by Indians as these were endorsed by renowned personalities. Sometimes, particular group is targeted for marketing. For instance, in the adverts of eatables, story lines are mostly child-focused so that children pester their parents to buy that product. Hence, the efforts made by advertising companies are quite effective.
    In conclusion, even though people avoid ads to a great extent, I believe that ads make people steer into their purpose of increasing sales.

  2. Hajra says:

    Some people believe that advertising plays an important role in convincing people to buy products, whereas others believe that it does not affect an individual anymore.
    Advertising has been very important in marketing industries, it has led to higher sales and expansion of business over time. Firstly, seeing an advertisement on television or newspaper makes us want to think about buying the product which, otherwise, we would not even notice in the shops. For instance, many people around the world do not purchase clothes unless they need or have to, however, a clothes ad would make consumers want to have the product which would not buy it otherwise. Moreover, the firms, nowadays, use known personalities to advertise their products such as Lionel Messi in the ad of Pepsi. This kind of strategy makes the fans want to have the product like those who watch football every weekend have a bottle of Pepsi with them.
    On the other hand, advertising has become an ordinary way of making consumers wanting to buy the product. With time many people do not buy the things that are being advertised too much as they think this is just a technique of trapping consumers with low-quality products. Most of the buyers are aware of the cost that companies charge on the product as they are unable to buy the expensive products and would rather buy things that do not contain any percent of advertising cost or branding cost.
    In conclusion, I believe advertising is the best way in inducing consumers to buy products. With time many people only buy things after seeing the ad about it as they know that is trending now, despite knowing that it is a marketing strategy.

  3. Maya Wish says:

    Advertisements have become part of our lives since they are prevalent around the world. While some may believe that they can arouse the desire of people to purchase certain products, some may hold the opposite view.

    It is true that buying behaviour would be influenced by advertising to a certain extent. With advertisements, people could obtain product information passively. Closely associated with this is that the marketing technique applied in advertisements sometimes creates a sense of urgency, persuading people to make a purchase. Some slogans like ‘buy now’ and ‘buy before it sold out’ are classic examples. The more exposure the product has, the stronger desire the receiver would have. In this way, while advertisements are common in daily life, advertising contributes to persuading people to purchase the products.

    However, we can simply look at this matter from another perspective – people would neglect advertising when it is too common. While advertisements are ubiquitous, we can find these on billboards, televisions and websites. Take Youtube Ads as an example, do you remember what did you do when you saw an advertisement before watching your video? It is believed that a majority of viewers would choose to skip the ads after 5 minutes. It is obvious that people no longer pay attention to it.

    In my opinion, whether advertising could successfully attract people to make a purchase depends on personal interests and demands. It means there would be an effect on consumer behaviors when the advertisements reach out to the appropriate target market.

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