Some People Say That Advertising Encourages Us To Buy Things We Really Do Not Need

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According to some people, adverts persuade people to buy even those things they do not need. Others insist that advertising benefits people by making them aware of the latest products and services that could improve their lives. In my opinion, adverts certainly lead to impulse buying. However, they are also informative and benefit us in many ways.

Adverts are everywhere. They are on newspapers, magazines, televisions and websites. We find ads on billboards. We even receive promotions in our email inbox. Of course, there is no escaping the fact that commercials are all pervasive and they do influence us to buy things even when we do not really need them. Commercials convince us that we really need the product while in reality we can do without it just fine. Hence, the argument that adverts encourage us to purchase things we do not need certainly holds water.

Even so, it is wrong to assume that adverts are mere promotion tools that do not benefit us in any way. While they certainly promote products, they also make us aware of the latest products and services in the market. Without adverts many people would not hear about sanitary napkins, dish washers or water purifiers. These are products that have had a tremendous impact on our lives. Needless to say, adverts are certainly informative and beneficial too. While some of them are merely promotional and should be dismissed, there are many others that introduce us to innovations that make our lives better.

To conclude, advertisements certainly lead to impulse purchase. At the same time, they tell us about innovations that improve our lives. Rather than blaming adverts for excessive spending, people should exercise restraint while they are out shopping.

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