Some People Say Television Is Useful In Education, While Others Say It Is Useful Only For Entertainment | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that television is useful in education, while others say it is useful only for entertainment. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Although television channels today telecast many educational shows most of these programmes are targeted at mature people and not children. Most of the children watch TV to see their favourite cartoon characters.  Therefore, I disagree with the argument that children must be encouraged to use television as an educational tool for their studies.

Because many informative channels such as Discovery, Animal Planet, BBC, and many more are available to watch, it does not guarantee that children will gain knowledge by watching them. In fact, kids are smarter these days and if they are granted permission to view TV they will watch programmes that they like. For instance, children are addicted to cartoons and if they are not under parent’s supervision, they will watch only cartoons and sports channels, and not the channels they were are supposed to watch. Children consider a television as an entertainment device and not as an educational tool. So, it is not advisable to encourage children to watch TV.

Secondly, when kids watch TV for long hours, it puts strain on their eyes. For instance, a cousin of mine who is ten years old used to spend around eight hours a day watching TV and playing video games. Today at this young age he suffers from frequent headaches and is forced to wear glasses. That is the reason doctors advise parents to restrict the amount of time children can spend watching TV.

To conclude there are channels that provide information and knowledge, but these are more beneficial for adults than kids. Children must learn using the traditional methods of learning. They can also use tools like computers and the internet, but not television because to the best of my understanding it is not an efficient educational tool.  

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2 Responses

  1. Pardeep says:

    It is true that in order to improve the education, school authorities and parents are doing their best to put it to the next level. some people believe television can be a useful tool for children to get knowledge however others do not. This essay will discuss both the sides then i will conclude my view.

    The primary reason for people to think that TV can not be useful in education is that children love to watch television just to watch their favourite shows such as cartoons and some other play games thus it is way difficult to mold their mind to prove TV can be used as an educational tool. In addition to this while watching educational channels on TV children can never concentrate properly as their favourite shows on the same device are going on side by side which they would love to watch. Further more, as a child I use to watch television a lot therefore my eyesight was not good my doctor suggested me to watch the TV for Half of the actual time I used to do and I believe this can also be the reason to say that television can not be as good tool to get educational knowledge.

    On the flip side, people think not only Television provides scientific, motivation, and historical knowledge through some channels such as discovery, news channels, science fiction and so on but also gives live practical knowledge about the wildlife which makes children more creative and smarter. Moreover, children can not get bored while watching television rather than studying from books.

    In conclusion , by considering both the sides in mind I would say we can not deny that this has more negatives than positives but I certainly would say we can promote our children to watch some knowledgeable channels in their free time.

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