Some People Say Supermarkets Have The Responsibility To Reduce The Amount Of Packaging For Products They Sell | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say that supermarkets should have the responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging for products they sell. Others say it is the responsibility of the consumers to avoid such products. Discuss and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, there is a huge concern about the environment as people have started realising the negative impact of their actions on nature / on the planet. Plastic pollution is one of such issues / concerns which need to be dealt with quickly and effectively. According to some people, super markets should help to improve the situation by reducing the amount of packaging they use. Others insist that it is the duty of consumers to stay away from over packaged products. Both views will be discussed in this essay.

One the one hand, it is evident that supermarkets and manufacturers are the prime producers and promoters of the consumer goods ; therefore they are the roots of this problem and by applying simple regulations over the manufacturing process , they can decrease the amount of packaging efficiently. Take milk bottles, for example. If supermarkets made them thinner or even replaced them with carton bottles, they would have a tremendous impact on the amount of plastic consumed. Thus, the argument that supermarkets should take the responsibility to reduce over packaging certainly makes sense.

On the other hand, satisfying people’s demand is the main job of the manufacturer. This means that the more people continue to purchase packaged products, the more they are produced. By contract, if people decided to cut their consumption of such products, there would be a definite reduction in their production. For instance, two years ago the government in the UK imposed a price on plastic bags in large supermarkets. This action decreased their consumption as well as production. Thus, it is clear that consumers have a key role to play in tackling this issue.
In conclusion, I believe that collaborative efforts should be taken by both the manufacturers and the consumers in order to reduce pollution caused by excessive packaging.

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