Some People Say Parent Should Not Allow Children To Do Activities Which Could Be Dangerous

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According to some people, children should not be allowed to take part in dangerous activities. While I do agree with this view to a great extent, in my opinion, allowing children to perform adventurous activities under expert supervision is a great way to help them conquer their fears.

There are certainly several reasons to prevent young children from participating in dangerous activities. To start with, they are too young to gauge the consequences of their actions. Their understanding of safety and harm is not fully developed and consequently they may undertake activities that cause them serious injuries and sometimes even death. For these reasons, young children should be forbidden from doing things that might hurt them.

On the other hand, many dangerous activities can be safely performed by children under adult supervision. For example, it is dangerous for children who cannot swim to go and bathe in the river or sea. However, if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian with good swimming skills, this is an opportunity for them to not only have fun but also learn an important life skill. Likewise, children should not be allowed to cook on their own, but if there is a parent to guide them, they can safely undertake this activity as well. Undertaking dangerous or adventurous activities allow children to conquer their inner fears and learn valuable skills that will stand them in good stead. Also, many of these dangers can be mitigated by equipping children with protective clothing and taking other safety measures.

In conclusion, children must certainly not be allowed to engage in dangerous activities unattended. However, it is possible for them to undertake many of these activities safely under adult supervision.

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