Some People Say It Is Important To Keep Your Home And Workplace Tidy | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organised and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Some people believe that it is essential to keep our home and office neat and tidy with everything kept in their right place. I fully agree with this view. This practice not only eliminates unwanted stress from our lives but also brings joy and peace.

Firstly, keeping our surroundings decluttered is a pre-requisite to having easy access to various things we use on a regular basis. By assigning a proper place for different items we can find them without wasting any time unnecessarily. For instance, I have a specific place for keeping my passport and other personal ID cards and I make it a point to put them back each time I use them. This habit comes to my rescue when I have to find these cards urgently for filling up a form or submitting an ID proof. Thus, it saves me from the hassle of searching for my ID cards in every part of my home and trying to recollect where I might have put them after using them the last time.

Secondly, a clean and well-maintained home and workplace bring peace and harmony into our lives. It is a well-known fact that cluttered homes and workplaces irritate people and sap us of our energy. In addition, I have often observed that the act of tidying up and organizing things itself gives us a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

In conclusion, my opinion is that we all should strive to create a clean and organised environment around us. It will not only make our lives easier but also give us more joy and happiness by eliminating stress from it.

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  1. Dovudkhon Abdubokiev says:

    Topic: Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads.

    Governments should pay attention to improving railways rather than waste money large funds on roads. I completely disagree with opinion and believe the opposite to be true.

    There are some reasons why i think it’s wrong to allocate a big amount of money on railways.
    Firstly, train accidents are more destructive than car crashes as trains are heavy and huge. According to a research conducted at Harvard university, the damage caused by an average train accident in the USA costs the government 1million dollars and causes death of 20 individuals. Secondly, most of the conventional trains produce extensive amount of ecologically harmful substances, which makes them highly damaging for the environment. Though the recently introduced electronic trains don’t damage the nature, they come at huge costs and very few countries afford to install them. Finally, in my opinion not only money, but also resource are wasted for the production of trains, because trains are made of tonnes of metals, which could, instead, well be used in other more useful fields, such as making of cars.

    Investing on roads can prove to be very advantageous as people prefer cars because of advantages of cars over trains. The main advantage is that that cars offer more privacy than trains as trains are public transport. That’s why many people go for cars even for long-distance travels, which increases the importance of high quality of roads. Another benefit is that cars are normally more convenient than trains for both long and short distance. For example, cars manufactured by Rolls-Royce company have almost all the facilities that are only found in five-star hotels, so travelling by one of these cars does not tire people, but instead creates a chance to rest, which is a lacking feature in trains.

    In conclusion, I would argue that investments made to enhance roads are not waste of finance, but they are more practical and promising way of spending money than allocating funds to railways.

    Please, have a look at it.

  2. Afrin says:

    Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

    It is often believed by many individuals that it is vital to maintain our office and home tidy with the correct organization of things in the right place. This essay agrees with this aforementioned statement and shall elucidate in the forthcoming paragraphs before reaching a reasonable conclusion.

    To begin with, proper organizing and keeping the cleanliness environment is very significant in every part of our life. This activity plays an imperative role in reducing stress. The reason for this is if required or essential things are correctly placed with cleanliness, it is highly identified whenever the necessity arises. For example, I have different folders, cabinets, and handbags for keeping my important official documents that are labeled accordingly. In any emergency circumstances, I can effortlessly locate those items or can easily guide someone to search on behalf of me. In contrast, untidy and messy place creates confusion and increases anxiety that results in a harsh conclusion.

    Furthermore, a well-organized and clean place enables us in the effective utilization of time and thus results in a productive outcome. This is because of the identification and maintenance of things in a short period. Studies have been demonstrated that the majority of youngsters are more interested in keeping their study and home environment tidy as it provides them satisfaction, joy, and peace. This etiquette motivates every individual to be calm, responsive, and productive.

    To conclude, having said the above-mentioned reasons, I firmly opine that keeping our workplace and home clean not only diminishes our stress but also aids us in time management.

  3. Cam Thao NGUYEN THI says:

    Hi Manjusha

    I sent you my essay by email to be corrected. Do you receive it?
    Cam Thao

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