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friends are more important than family

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Friends may come and go but family is constant. It is often said that friends are more important than family. In my opinion, this is not true. This essay will explain why family is more important than friends.

Friends are important and the nature of friendship changes as children grow up into adults. We form newer friendships as we age and it may or may not be feasible to maintain the same level of closeness with all of them. Friends also have their own families, responsibilities and priorities to take care of. Hence, it becomes difficult to completely rely on them in time of hardships. We may also lose touch with some friends due to our hectic schedules and thus they may not be approachable in times of need. Hence, while it is important to have friends, due to the transient nature of this relationship, it is not always bankable.

Family is the only constant throughout our life. While there may be difference of opinions and arguments within the family, it is certain that they will always have each other’s back in times of need. They will invariably be there for each other during the good and the difficult times. For instance, studies have shown that people who stay with their family and who have good relationships with them are happier and healthier. Thus, family is more important than friendship in life.

To conclude, while it is necessary to have friends in life, they are not more important than family. Friends have their own families to take care of and the only people who will stand by us at all times are our family members.

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