Some People Prefer To Travel By Car While Others Prefer To Take The Bicycle | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people prefer to travel by car while others prefer to take the bicycle. Which of these do you prefer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by a car and a bicycle?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Some people prefer to use a car to get about while others opt for the bicycle. In my opinion, both modes of transport have their merits and demerits. However, I prefer the bicycle for traveling short distances.

The biggest advantage of bicycles is that they are an eco-friendly mode of transport. They do not emit any greenhouse gases or pollute the air. Bicycles are also a cheap mode of transport because they do not require any fuel. Another advantage of riding a bicycle is that it is healthy. It helps burn excess calories and prevents health problems like obesity and heart trouble. However, bicycles do have some downsides. To start with, bicycle riding is a physically demanding task and as such it is not suitable for traveling long distances. Another disadvantage is that bicycles do not provide any protection from rain or shine.

Cars, by contrast, are the ultimate in comfort. They allow people to travel in an air-conditioned environment and provide adequate protection from inclement weather. In addition, cars are fast and perfect for covering long distances in a short period of time. However, they have some serious disadvantages. For one thing, traveling by car is expensive. For another, cars pollute the air. Actually, studies have shown that automobiles are the number one cause of air pollution. They also cause road congestion.

To sum up, both cars and bicycles have their pluses and minuses. Personally, I would prefer a bicycle if the journey is short and the weather is good.  For traveling long distances, I will always take a car.

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6 Responses

  1. Jaspreet Kaur says:

    Cars are the most convenient mode of transportation these days. However, despite numerous benefits that the cars provide, some people prefer bicycles. While I prefer bicycle for short distances, I can not ignore the luxury that cars provide for longer rides.

    A car is the most lovable transportation mode as they have numerous advantages. For one, cars are fast. It takes short period of time to reach somewhere.People can travel with their families or friends while enjoying the music sitting in the comfortable atmosphere inside a car, whatever is the weather outside: hot, sunny,cold or rainy. Apart from all these luxurious
    benefits, cars have many downsides, namely, cost of buying a car, fuel costs, pollution, traffic-jams etc.Car prices are skyrocketing these days leading to debt. Cars have become a necessity so many won’t refrain from borrowing money to buy their favorite cars. Another downside is fuel costs. It leaves a huge hole in one’s pocket daily. Another big drawback is the major concern of 21st century, namely, ‘Pollution’. Studies have shown that automobiles are the biggest contributing factor in the rise of pollution.

    On the other hand, bicycles are Eco-friendly vehicles. It does not need any fuel to run so no air pollution. Bicycles are inexpensive to buy. On the contrast it saves money as to ride a bike requires physical exercise, one does not have to go to the gym to burn calories. Bike can do that for free. However, even bikes do not come without its own drawbacks. As riding requires physical exercise one can not go faster than one’s own strength.

    In conclusion both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While bicycles are preferred to cover short distances in good weather conditions, cars are best to travel comfortably, luxuriously.

  2. Umpah Lumpah says:

    Despite the fact that there are multiple choices of transportation available for citizen, cars and bikes are the most popular options among them. Those individuals who prefer cars claim that automobiles save time and energy, while advocates of bicycles opine that riding one makes people healthier and happier. In this essay I shall examine both views before reaching a concrete decision.
    There are myriad of reasons why the overwhelming majority of people prefer cars over bicycles. First of all, automobiles allow citizens to effortlessly drive from one location to another in short amount of time, which is a highly demanded feature in a society where time is of vital importance. Furthermore, cars have great significance for parents, especially for working parents, to drive their children to school or other extracurricular activities. However, some drawbacks of cars cannot be overlooked. For instance, horrifying statistics show that the number of car accidents are increasing every year, putting in danger both pedestrians and passengers. Moreover, as the number of vehicles on the road rise, we are witnessing heavier traffic jams, which can lead to unpleasant consequences such as stress, road rage, and inefficient time management. In addition, individuals who own an automobile are often less physically active, thus increasing the likelihood of health problems such as obesity.
    On the other hand, bicycles have its own valuable and undeniable advantages. Compared to cars, it’s economically efficient since bikes cost far less and does not require constant expenses. Additionally, citizens who ride bicycles daily are generally physically fit, and more likely to be healthy. However, despite the aforementioned benefits, this type of transportation is more suitable for single individuals who live in developed countries. The reason for this emphasis is that in developing countries cities have little or no designated roads for bicycles, which means that bicycle enthusiasts have to either use automobile roads or sidewalk. Also, riding a bicycle requires pleasant weather conditions, and in countries, where winters can be extremely cold, a bicycle is not the popular mode of transportation.
    Judging from the reams of evidence presented, we can conclude that cars are the most suitable vehicle for families who live in poorly developed cities while bicycles are number one choice for young single individuals who live in sunny well developed cities.

  3. Nadim says:

    Please check my essay for me. Thank you very much.

    Unlike in the past, there are lots of measures for transportation, such as by cars, trains, airplanes, and so on. Vehicles are the first choice for travelling of some people while bicycles do so of others. Cars and bikes have different benefits and drawbacks, both of which are taken into account before purchasing.

    To begin with, the advantages of cars and bicycles are different of course. Obviously, cars are more suitable for long-distance travelling than bikes because of higher speed. In addition, the former has much bigger space than the latter. In other word, clothes, food, electronic devices, and so on, can be brought for camping or other outdoor activities; also a small group of people can go to several tourist attractions in their country. However, cars will lose their some advantages if they are detained in heavy traffic which, in turn, means they will not be capable of driving with their high speed, and time will be wasted regretfully. For environmental aspects, most cars nowadays are still requiring fossil fuel. It is combusted for generating energy and then carbon dioxide, the most vital greenhouse gas, is produced as a product of the reaction. The huge amount of this gas emitted into the atmosphere leads to the most well-known climate crisis: global warming.

    On the other hand, one of the advantages of bikes is that they are more convenient for destinations where are not far from accommodation. For example, some people tend to use bicycles to go to buy food from supermarket nearby. Moreover, bicycles are unlikely to encounter the traffic congestion because of their size; bicycles can travel through a narrow way.
    The most important benefit of bicycles is no carbon emission. If every people employed bikes instead of vehicles, greenhouse effect phenomenon would be less severe. Nevertheless, they cannot ride with a high velocity and carry out a heavy baggage, thus there is a low possibility to travel to other cities or camping by bikes.

    To conclude, the benefits of cars are being more comfortable for long-distance journey and having a wide space, whereas their downsides are being able to undergo heavy traffic and emitting carbon dioxide which contributes to more severe global warming. For bicycles, being more suitable for short-distance travelling, wasting less time due to traffic congestion, and environmental friendliness are their advantages, but unfortunately, they have a little capacity. I prefer bicycles since their benefits outweigh cars’ drawbacks.

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