Some People Prefer To Provide Help And Support Directly To Those In Local Communities Who Need It

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Some people like to get directly involved in local problems and offer assistance to the needy. Others, are more interested in donating to local and international charities. In my opinion, both methods have their merits.

Offering help directly is certainly a more rewarding experience because we can get to see how our help has benefitted the recipient. For example, there may be people suffering from diseases or facing some other hardships in our neighbourhood. Offering them help directly is great way for us to make a difference to their lives. Also, when we offer money directly, we get to ensure that it will be used for the intended purposes. Another advantage is that we can decide who should benefit from our assistance.

On the other hand, donating to charities has its benefits too. National and international charities work for causes that many people are passionate about. For example, there are charities that work to rehabilitate kids who have lost their parents. Likewise, there are charities that work for animal welfare. Often times, there is very little that a person can do for these causes on their own. However, when they donate to a charity, they can support a cause they care about. Donating to charities is also a great way for people to offer assistance without actually getting personally involved.

In conclusion, offering assistance is the key regardless of whether it is offered directly or through charitable organization. In my opinion, people who can help should offer help through whatever channels available to them.

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