Some People Prefer To Plan The Activities For Their Free Time Carefully | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people prefer to plan the activities for their free time very carefully. Others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is undeniably true that planning plays an important role in achieving the objectives. There are some people who would prefer to plan their time activities but there are some who assert that planning is not necessary. I firmly agree with the former statement but in my opinion we may not get a chance to plan things every time and often things happen as a result of spontaneous decisions.

On the one hand, several lines of evidence suggest that planning is very essential for any activity. To begin with, there are many people who do not wish to waste time. They believe in carrying on with the free time activities according to a plan for effective execution. Furthermore, sometimes planning is essential to enjoy certain activities. For example, when we are on a holiday we may want to visit a museum or an amusement park. However, these facilities are not open round the clock and hence some planning is essential to be able to access them. Therefore, planning is necessary. For example, in my own experience whenever I plan for vacation during holidays, I plan things in advance so that it gives me time to arrange all the necessary things required during my vacation. This helps me to enjoy the vacation wholeheartedly.

On the other hand, there are many people who argue that planning is not at all necessary and free time activities should be decided spontaneously. For example, some people are easy going. They immensely enjoy taking unplanned decisions. Secondly, sometimes planned activities get cancelled because of the sudden occurrence of the problems. This is why some people do things without any planning.

In my opinion, planning our free time activities would help us to enjoy our leisure time fully. This aids us to arrange the things required for the execution of our plans. Planning is very crucial to make the event successful. This practice can also help us to save the amount needed. For instance, in my own experience when I plan my vacation in advance I usually get good deals on hotels and flight tickets.

To conclude, planning provides us many benefits. It helps us to enjoy the free time activities fully. Planning helps in executing the event successfully but there are situations where we should keep ourselves ready for unplanned activities.

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2 Responses

  1. Zainab says:

    Leisure task plays a pivotal role in every individual’s life. There is a notion attached to this that people believe to plan hobbies beforehand. Whilst, few undermine the idea for creating a structure in their free-time. This essay will discuss both of the viewpoints and provide a viable opine.
    Planning one leisure task provides clarity as to what and how to go about it? To cite an example, activities such as painting, trekking, knitting or perhaps any pleasure activities require time to prepare. If a structure is created, execution would be smooth and the person would have a positive outcome to it. Planning helps in modifying too. To illustrate, Homo sapiens who prefers to travel in his/her free time would look for various options and be ready to adapt at any given duration. .As masses are busy bee throughout weekdays. A planned weekend would have a fruitful pleasure event. Furthermore, prior planned free time would help in saving a lot of valuable time. As a gist of the whole plan would be in mind. Also, structuring helps in developing organizational skills.
    Opponents, on other hand, who oppose planning their free time would have their own reasons. To elaborate, they would believe in doing things spontaneously. Further, a leisure activity that is unplanned would not give an excepted result. For eg: A woman who likes to paint would need all resources per hand. If materials are not ready, half of the time would be wasted in collecting them which would lead to delays. This would be a disadvantage for any unplanned activities.
    To culminate, I support in planning previously for hobbies or free time. As this would have a valuable end result rather than figuring out what needs to done first and end in creating nothing.

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