Some People Prefer To Live In A House While Others Feel That There Are More Advantages To Living In An Apartment | Band 8 IELTS Sample

Some people prefer to live in a house while others feel that there are more advantages to living in an apartment. Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in an apartment?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

People usually live in either houses or apartments. There are a certain group of people who believe that staying in a house is better than staying in an apartment because houses are more spacious and are often located in quiet areas. However, the disadvantages of living in houses are that unlike apartments, houses require more maintenance and the owner is the only person responsible for it. Also, security can be an issue if you live in a standalone house on a large plot. Even so, in my opinion, the advantages of living in a house outweigh the disadvantages.

It is agreeable that apartments are usually located in the city and have easy access to grocery stores, public transport and restaurants. For instance, when I was living in an apartment in New York I had three grocery stores located in the same block, subway was a 2 minute walk from the building and all the pubs were less than 15 minutes away by cab. Additionally, there are at least two apartments on each floor so it was easier for me to connect with my neighbors if I needed them. However, this is the exact opposite in the case of houses as there is quite a distance between two houses and one generally has to rely on private transport or cab to get about / to move about.

On the other hand, houses have larger area than apartments. They have space for gardens, porches, swimming pools and garages, which provide for a more comfortable living. Another advantage of residing in a house is that it is located in remote areas and is away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Recent studies revealed that people living in houses are less prone to stress-related diseases because they are more relaxed.

In conclusion, while living in a house certainly has some downsides, it provides people with a relaxed and calm lifestyle along with abundant living space. Thus, in my opinion living in houses has more advantages than staying in apartments.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

A few individuals favor living in landed units whereas the rest choose to stay in an apartment. While both types of accommodation have their own benefits, I believe that houses offer more benefits than flats.

To begin with, staying in standalone houses provides considerable benefits. Firstly, it is more spacious and livelier. Moreover, one can have access to their own private amenities such as the garden and swimming pool without the need to adjust oneself with others outside the family. Secondly, houses offer more private atmosphere. Thirdly, these units have better reselling value. As prices of the land rise every year, having a house can be considered an asset for a long time.

On the other hand, houses do have some negative effects. They demand higher maintenance. Furthermore, as people have become busier due to their personal and professional pursuits, managing them can be an uphill task. In addition to this, houses are more expensive, and most people have to resort to taking loans to buy a home and it keeps them burdened with debts for years. Thus, these are the drawbacks of having houses as one’s place of residence.

Apartments, by contrast, require less maintenance and are less expensive. On the other hand, they are usually small in size and do not offer a lot of customization options. Privacy is also an issue when living in apartments.

In conclusion, whether one should choose a house or an apartment depends on one’s personal preference and financial abilities. Although houses do have a few disadvantages, I believe they have an upper hand over flats in terms of the amenities and value they provide.

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4 Responses

  1. Amey Sanjaykumar Pandit says:

    Shelter is the basic need of a man. Nowadays people talk about shelter in terms of a house or an apartment. Some people like to live in a house, while others say that they are more comfortable living in an apartment. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of living in a house or an apartment. This essay will discuss those in detail.

    House used to be the dream of a man. He may not be answerable to anybody if he changes some things in the house. Also, one can invite at any time to a house. No one has to go through security checks to come to a house. A person has to give special attention to various problems like plumbing, electricity, etc. But an individual can decide whether he wants to work on it himself or give it to someone else. However, people have to do more cleaning work living in a house. The biggest issue living in a house is security. People enjoy it more when they feel safe. These issues can be solved if an individual decides to stay in an apartment.

    People living in an apartment feel much safer than those who are living in a house. This came from a survey-based in the US taken in 1990. Furthermore, individuals who live in an apartment do not have to worry about gas, water, or power connection. This is provided for a society or a building so you can easily shift from one place to the other. This does not necessarily mean that it is good to live in an apartment. People often complain that they lost their independence living there. Also, the majority has complained that people do not interact much while living in an apartment.

    To sum up, an individual needs to see where he likes to live. People usually live on rent and decide whether they want to live in a house or move somewhere else. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of living in a house or an apartment. Using the above reasons one can decide where he wants to live.

  2. Ali Raza Kharl says:

    Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep. What problems can lack of sleep cause? What can be done about lack of sleep?

    Sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining our health, physically and mentally, as it helps us to be more productive and efficient in our day-to-day activities. Nowadays, people cannot seem to get enough sleep.
    To begin with, there are multiple reasons why people face this type of issue. Firstly, there are less number of jobs opportunities available on the job market for fresh graduates, this is the reason most of the youngsters are facing stress and anxiety this can cause a disease called insomnia, a sleep disorder in which people cannot sleep. Secondly, it has been observed that people who work in a fast-paced environment have a hectic schedule. They have various tasks that need to be completed in a specific amount of time, this puts them under tremendous pressure. Dearth of sleep can cause severe issues and decrease the performance of a person at their work environment. Last but not least, not getting enough sleep also causes detrimental effect in life for making wrong decisions of their personal life as well as professional life.
    On the other hand, there are numerous possible solutions to overcome this issue. People should make a schedule for their daily routine, where they have specific time for enough sleep. Furthermore, exercise plays an essential role in our daily life. For instance, rather than spending time on electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and tablets. People should join clubs to do some exercise on daily basis. These physical activities will help them to live healthy life as well as getting enough sleep in the night.
    To put in a nutshell, there are many benefits of having a good sleep. Everyone should understand the importance of their health and focus on sleep rather than other unimportant activities.

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