Some People Prefer To Be Self-Employed | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people prefer to be self–employed, whereas others like working for companies or institutions. Which is a better approach?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

While certain people choose to work for a company/organization as a salaried employee, others want to work independently. I advocate the self-employment option and in this essay, I will substantiate my viewpoint by comparing both the working scenarios.

Firstly, self-employment gives more work-satisfaction than working for someone else because it gives freedom to choose the domain and hours of work. On the contrary, in salary based employment, employees’ tasks, working hours and deadlines are determined by their higher authorities. Therefore, in self-employment, people do their work for the sake of their own satisfaction and not to satisfy someone else. Moreover, in regular jobs, the employees have no authority to change anything and have to follow the company’s protocols; however, in independent working arrangements, individuals have the liberty to implement any idea or strategy to improve their work. Thus, this freedom to work on their own terms improves their productivity.

Furthermore, self employed people can earn as much as they want provided that they work hard whereas people working for others will get only a fixed salary. Therefore, the financial growth of self-employed people is in their own hands and they can increase it by working hard. To illustrate more, a salesman of a multi-national company never gets a share of the profit which he generates by selling products, but an entrepreneur has the privilege to have the whole profit for himself.

In conclusion, I would say that the self-employment option is far better than working for a company because it not only allows a person to work autonomously but also gives creative liberty to orchestrate a suitable working environment. Adding to that, the earning is proportional to the hard work and effort; thus, an independent worker can grow faster than a salary based employee.

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