Some People Participate In Extreme And Dangerous Sports | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people participate in extreme and dangerous sports. What can be done to avoid danger? How could these sports made safer?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Sports are essential in human life. All sports might have some risks, but some people enjoy participating in the ones which have higher risks. This essay will discuss how to minimize the danger of extreme sports and introduce ways to make them safer.

Extreme sports can be dangerous to the extent of causing death or severe health issues. There are numerous ways to mitigate the risks of extreme sports. For example, participants should be made to fill a questionnaire before the event. This will help to ensure that the person is eligible to do the sport. To illustrate more, people who have health issues such as heart problems or blood pressure might not be a good candidate for these sports, or people who have special situations such as pregnant ladies. Furthermore, some age restrictions can be applied. This is because some age groups might not respond to the risks comparatively, such as people above seventy or less than ten years old. In addition, medical aids should be present in the field to avoid delays in the treatment of injured athletes.

Extreme sports can be much safer if safety procedures and regulations are followed. For instance, it is prohibited for individuals to skydive solo unless they undergo specific professional training and get certified, or else a supervisor should accompany them. Furthermore, the technology and equipment are constantly improving, making it more secure to play these sports. Moreover, the sport equipment must be checked before being used by the athletes. For example, before a race, the car must be checked, and if there is any malfunctioned part, it should be changed or repaired. Finally, general safety precautions must be considered in the event environment to prevent sports injuries.

In conclusion, nonetheless, of the risks of extreme sports, some athletes enjoy playing them. These risks can be minimized by applying security checks and be made safe by following safety procedures such as wearing safety gears and undergoing sufficient training.

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