Some People Like To Go To A Live Sporting Event, While Others Prefer To Watch It On Television | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people like to go to a live sporting event, while others prefer to stay at
home and watch it on television. Which do you prefer? Discuss both views using personal examples.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many people have contrasting views on the way they enjoy their favorite sport. Some prefer to stay home watching the event on televisions while others like to feel the excitement of watching an event live. In my opinion, watching your favorite sport on television is more convenient and economical than watching it in the stadium.

On the one hand, people feel excited when they watch a live sporting event. For instance, watching other supporters in the stadium cheering their teams makes the experience all the more exciting. It makes people feel as if they themselves were playing the game. One cannot feel such excitement while watching the event on television at home. Moreover, people always get a chance to see their superheroes in action in the stadium.

On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks as well to watching a live sport event. Firstly, it is not economical as one needs to travel to a particular destination and spend on tickets to watch a live game. This is something that can be avoided by watching your favorite sport on television. Secondly, in the stadium where there is rush, people always struggle to watch close movements of the player, whereas on television you can watch a number of action replays.

In conclusion, although you can enjoy super excitement and live atmosphere by watching a match in the stadium, you can avoid the rush and reduce expenses by watching it on television. I prefer the latter.

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  1. Farhi says:

    Owing it an unexpected up-gradation in science and technology, the lifestyle of people across the globe has taken a paradigm shift. Men and women these days are full of life and they usually go to see live sports whereas others enjoy the event with all the member of the family. This essay would shed some light on both these views and then my opinion on the matter.

    Fundamentally, the predominant factors that eventually trigger in humans is enthutisiasm. Young boys and girls make a way with their acquaintances to watch a sport match when it is in their own country. In a recent survey conducted by Estemeed company revealed that young adults enjoy the time and feel relaxed while watching the match as they get the chance to motivate and cheers the supported reach to win. On the contrary, others do not hit the stadium as they have to meet ends and that’s the chief reason and they spend entire day at office and do not get an opportunity to spend some quality time with the family. For instance, reports by the individuals propose that they get time to spend with their family while watching a match and this bring smile on everyone faces and thereby predominantly they make it with the loved ones.

    In my view, if I get the chance to go stadium hence I would definitely love to go to stadium to watch a match. To paradigm , I admire Mr Sachin Tendulkar a lot and in future i would love to be between the fans for cheering and relishing the movement as this chance hardly get so I would be enjoying to the fullest.

    To conclude, individual should visit a stadium once in a while, nothing can beautiful it could be by visiting and seeing the players by close distant.

  2. dilshoda says:

    In spite if advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry.

    It is true that the number of hungry people all over the world doe not decrease although some new inventions are used in agriculture which leads its improvement. There are some factors which instigate this phenomenon, but fortunately,this issue can be tackled out with some solutions.
    There is no doubt that the problems in terms of food arise due to some reasons in majority people’s lives even though agriculture has become more developed than past decades. The first cause is that the products are so expensive for the individuals who live in poverty. Because the appliances and a variety of fertilizers which are used in farming cost high, and this comes to result of not affording to buy meals for the poor. Secondly, in some parts of the world, the productivity of the soil is not so good as other parts which may make difficulties in generating products, and as a consequence, there will be a shortage of food among inhabitants of that area. Lastly, not every country can afford to have modern appliances and inventions which help to increase the effectiveness of the soil.
    A different kinds of solutions can be taken to work out the issue. To begin with, the government should decrease the cost of the products even though it does not bring any benefit. I believe that only if the dwellers of the country survive in a good and flawless condition, it can develop. In additon, scientists should do some researches in searching a kind of mixture to make the soil in some parts more productive with low cost. Finally, the rich who have impeccable lifestyle may donate to the poorer counterparts and also some charities can help eo take the residents out of the poverty in less-developed countries.
    In conclusion, the level of starvation among people can be decreased if above mentioned various measures are taken.

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