Some People Get Into Debt By Buying Things They Don’t Need Or Can’t Afford | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people get into debt by buying things they don’t need and can’t afford. What are the reasons for this behaviour? What action can be taken to prevent people from having this problem?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is universal among humans to have the desire to possess expensive items. Some people who do not have any restraint when it comes to shopping often face serious economic / financial consequences. Such behaviour can be due to advertising propaganda and it can be prevented by proper counselling.

With the advancement in mass media technology, information about many products continues to reach the customers. After repeatedly watching a particular advertisement, people tend to purchase them even if they cannot afford them or do  not have any immediate requirement. This became more rampant with the advent of online platforms for shopping, where many things can be bought even from the home. False pride is another factor that drives the compulsive urge to buy.

Those who compare their possessions with those of their wealthy neighbour tend to make unnecessary purchases. On the other hand self contained individuals utilizes their money judicuiously. As utilizing money for such activities can have devastating results on the entire family, effective measures are to be taken to prevent it. One such thing is having a reasonable budget plan. The source of income and expenditure should be caluculated on a timely basis. Expensive things should only be bought with the savings.

Without such a plan, the management of money can be difficult. Sometimes excessive spending can be due to psychological abnormality and requires counselling from the experts. The root cause of such behaviour can be identified and cured with proper treatment.

To conclude, the easy accessibility to various products coupled with greed can lead to thoughtless spending. This behaviour can be kept in check through proper financial planning.

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  1. Some people believe that competition is better than cooperation.
    Do you agree with this statement?
    Either competition should be encouraged or cooperation is a contentious issue. A section of society favors the former one with the perception of competing the advanced world whilst others as well as I give importance to cooperation.
    The factor named competition works being a stimulation for people. Educators’ reinforcement to their pupils in academic or extra co-curriculum for acquiring high grades illustrates this scenario significantly. For getting motivated and fixing determination towards a goal, it might be accounted as the best method. Additionally, competitive skills build confidence in youngsters. A sports team, for instance, achieve championship only when it competes and wins over the other one. In today’s ever-increasing world, one can win only if he challenges obstacles confidently and put efforts to defeat those. Notwithstanding, the same scenario may implicate the people intellectually as well.
    Sometimes competitions make adults mentally more fragile and violent. Several studies, through surveys in developing countries, have observed two out of four aspirants in depression and commit crimes to accomplish their goals. After guardians’ pressure over youngsters for scoring high and surmounting contests, they practice hard. But in the ground of competition, they opt bully instead of cooperating with other competitors. Such a situation ultimately results in deteriorating effects on adults’ lives. Therefore, people should have team-spirit first.
    Hence, in my viewpoint, at present cut-throat competitive world, competition is the best tactic for motivating one to fulfill his ambitions. Nevertheless, it should be confinement of not only a victory but also collaboration as well as learning.
    In conclusion, though competition helps one in achieving his destination, yet if it becomes a subject of violence and enmity, it is inappropriate. Therefore, cooperation and adjustment should be the prime factor to lead this.

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