Some People Feel That Playing Computer Games Has A Negative Impact On Children’s Health And Social Skills | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people feel that playing computer games has a negative impact on children’s health and social skills. Others say that it can have a positive impact on their lives. Discuss both these views.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

These days, instead of playing a physical sport, children spend much of their free time in front of the computer. A few people opine that playing video games has detrimental effects and others argue that it may have benefits. This essay discusses both views and explains why computer gaming should be properly monitored.

Those who are against children playing computer games for hours argue that it leads to both mental and physical ailments and this is true. Playing a computer game does not involve much physical activity. Consequently, if children spend hours playing games sitting in front of a computer, it will lead to health problems like childhood obesity and diabetes. Children who are addicted to computer games are also less likely to meet people in person and this affects their social and interpersonal skills. Worse still, games transport children into a virtual world where the rules are different and winning is the only goal. If they approach life with the same attitude, they will put themselves and others in trouble.

On a positive note, some people believe that the computer gaming fosters creativity. To illustrate this, most of the computer gaming requires problem-solving techniques and strategy planning. For instance, computer games like chess and ludo need critical thinking. So, these games automatically / naturally improve the player’s mind level. Hence, this type of gaming also has a positive effect.

In conclusion, it is clear that playing computer games has both positive and negative impacts on children. Even though it can boost their problem solving skills, it affects their health and social interactions. When comparing both, it is obvious that the cons outweigh the pros. So, in my opinion, it is better to monitor and limit the duration of video gaming to avoid the consequences.

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