Some People Feel That Education Should Be Exclusively Provided By The State | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people feel that education should be provided exclusively by the state and private education should be prohibited. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Education is crucial for the overall development of humanity. In most countries, both private and public institutions provide education. Some people believe that the government should be the only provider of education in a country. I completely disagree with this statement. This essay will discuss the importance of having both private and government educational institutes.

When educational institutions are run by the government, every student will be able to access them. That is because government institutions provide education for free or at concessional rates. In India, for example, the government runs schools and colleges all over the country. Students who are below the poverty line can study at these institutions without paying any fee. The fee charged from other students is also nominal compared to the fee charged by private institutions. Obviously, there are several benefits when governments run educational institutes.

However, the government cannot be the exclusive provider of education. The government has numerous other responsibilities as well. Also, there is a limit to the amount of money the government can invest in education. That is why it is important to allow private companies also to provide education. Of course, these institutions are unlikely to provide free education. However, they still provide quality education and students who can afford to pay the fee can enroll in these institutions. In a way, these institutions also take some load off government institutions. If everyone had to go to government schools, it would reduce the quality of education because of the inadequacy of resources. Also, when private schools operate in a country, the competition among them will indirectly improve the quality of education.

In conclusion, private education is not free but it is important to allow private companies to run educational institutes because the government alone cannot provide education to all the students in the country. Also, the presence of private educational institutes in the country will increase the quality of education because of the competition between them.

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5 Responses

  1. Balraj Singh says:

    It is believed by some people that the right of imparting education to the members of society ought to be exclusive to the public sector rather than having a share with the private sector. I wholeheartedly subscribe to the given viewpoint because following this idea will bring numerous benefits to society.

    At the outset, giving the control of education field exclusively to the state will promote fair and unbiased opportunity for everyone to study irrespective of their caste, religion or financial situation. In India, for example, generally, economically deprived people do not afford to enrol their children in private institutes because of there high fee structure. Thus, the schools under government control will be going to provide education at a very reasonable price and, the quality of study also remains the same for every student across the country.

    Moreover, this practice also helps capable people to have a secure job with a minimum wage decided by the government. For instance, in Pakistan, the majority of private schools recruit under-educated staff at low salaries. Additionally, while doing so, it becomes facile for authorities to make amendments in the education system throughout the country at the same time. To exemplify, if the government wants to reschedule the exam date throughout the nation, then it is an easy task for them to do so by passing a single statement.

    To conclude, I strongly reckon that it will be highly advantageous for making the education system public. It would not only offer equal opportunity to study for everyone but also helps to provide secure occupations to deserving candidates.

  2. Sara says:

    Some belive that a country should provide a specific education system availble for all citzens.These people argue that private institutions should be abolished. In my opinion ,i disagree with the previous statment ,i belive people are entitled to choose their suitable education where private or public .

    To start with ,in today s modern era most metropolitan cities have plenty of immigrants with diffirent cultures and religion belives.
    If gouvernments forces all citzens to attent public schools with specific circulumm that might not be suitable for every one, bulling and prejudice may increase among pupils .A sientific study rolled up by a prestegious journal in vancouver revealed that most muslim families living in canada opt to sent their offsprings to specific islamic schools in rather that public ones in order to teach their children their religion rirtual from a young age .
    As a result most develloped countries offers a varatity of education system

    Futhermore unlike public school, most private education systems are not free, parents often have to pay a specific fee to enroll their children, because they recive extra subjects such as a forgein language. Children in private schools often learn to master two or three language ..wich will eventually increase their future carrier prospects.Moreover, these private instutions offer plenty of job opprotunities from teachers , janitorial staff, bus divers.thus they contribute greatly to the economy and the prospety of the country .

    To conclude ,banning private instituions may bring many demerits as these schools provide distinctive education systems needed for future distingish citzens

  3. Parminder says:

    When choosing a job, salary is the most important what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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