Some People Fail In School, But End Up Being Successful In Life

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Many people who achieved stupendous success in life were not academically brilliant students. If we look around, we can also see that many class toppers eventually fail miserably in life. This is probably because most skills taught at school are not useful for success in life. In fact, in the real world, a person’s success depends on their ability to persevere and learn from their mistakes.

In order to achieve success in school, one only needs the ability to memorize a lot of things. Students who revise their lessons regularly and do not mind spending a lot of time on their homework can easily top their class. Many of these students will achieve tremendous success later in their life because they learned the importance of hard work at school itself.

On the other hand, students who failed in school can also achieve great success in life provided that they have certain skills. For example, in order to be a successful actor, singer, dancer, writer or athlete, one does not need good marks in school. Rather, what one needs are some innate talent and the ability to hone it constantly. In the same way, good academic grades are not usually necessary to start a business. In fact, there are several sectors beyond the academic realm where success does not require good marks. Despite being failures in school, people who possess sharp business acumen, inborn talent or good communication skills can achieve success in their chosen field. They are not hindered by their poor grades and once they achieve a certain level of success they can easily hire academically brilliant people to solve their problems and accelerate their growth.

In conclusion, people who fail in school can also achieve success in life because school is not the place where all the useful skills are taught or learned. In fact, many valuable skills are learned from experience  and people who demonstrate a willingness to work hard and a strong urge to achieve success will eventually achieve it regardless of whether they were brilliant students or not.

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