Some People Claim That Too Much Focus And Resources Have Been Spent To Protect Wild Animals And Birds | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people claim that too much focus and resources have been spent to protect wild animals and birds. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many species of birds and animals are extinct due to human activity. If this trend continues, humans themselves will be in trouble because all forms of life are interdependent. We cannot assume that we will be able to thrive even after all other species have gone. Hence, in my opinion, we are not putting too much emphasis on saving wildlife. Actually, we are not doing enough.

Every animal is a part of the food chain and the ecosystem which preserves the natural resources. Humans initially altered the ecosystem for their survival and later to fulfill their greed.  They hunted the wild animals, destroyed the forest for land and repeated all this again in the name of human animal conflict. This resulted in air pollution, global warming, destruction due to landslide and forest fire, and drastic change in the climate. This has significantly affected all the species on this earth. Now we are coming to our senses and trying to reverse the damage that we have caused. This requires time, efforts and resources.

Many countries have already well researched plans for saving wildlife. In India, for example, there are stringent wildlife conservation laws. The government has built several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to protect animals from human interference. Such initiatives have borne fruit too. In my opinion, we need to continue these efforts and also expand their scope. It is important for us to realize that life on earth will not be possible without wildlife.

To conclude, we have to protect wild animals and birds at any cost for the sake of preserving the earth. They have the right to live freely as we do and they also maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Hence, I believe that the efforts made and the resources spent to protect wildlife are fully justified. Actually, in my opinion, we have to do much more.

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