Some People Choose To Eat No Meat Or Fish

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There is a general belief that there are many health and environmental benefits to vegetarianism. While I do agree with this view, I do not think that vegetarianism is for everyone.

The consumption of animal products certainly has some health consequences. It hurts the environment as well. Some studies have shown that vegetarians tend to live longer than their meat or fish eating counterparts. The environmental impacts of non-vegetarianism are even worse. Annually, countless animals are raised, abused and slaughtered to fulfill the demand for meat and fish worldwide. Framing livestock is one of the major causes of green house gas emissions worldwide. If we can reduce the consumption of meat, the need for raising more animals also reduces. As a result, the land that is being used to raise them can be altered to grow vegetables which in turn produce clean air for the whole planet. Obviously, cutting down on the consumption of animal products benefits the whole world.

On the other hand, meat and fish are integral part of many cuisines; therefore, being a vegetarian is not an option in many regions of the world. To illustrate, sushi is the most popular Japanese delicacy and without the addition of its main ingredient, fish, sushi will not be complete. Meat consumption is particularly common in cold countries. There are also some regions where it is difficult to grow vegetables and cereals. Furthermore, fish and meat are excellent sources of proteins and some fatty acids crucial for good health. For this season, meat consumption is essential for people engaging in strenuous physical activities. Being vegetarian, for example, is not a viable option for a body builder or an athlete.

In conclusion, even though there are advantages to vegetarianism, I believe that this lifestyle is not for everyone. Even so, in my opinion, everyone should make an effort to cut down on their consumption of animal foods. That way they can improve their health and save the planet from tons of greenhouse gases.

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