Some People Believe That Women Should Play An Equal Role As Men In A Country’s Police Or Military Force | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that women should play an equal role as men in a country’s police force or military force, while others think women are not suitable for these kinds of jobs. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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According to some people, women are as qualified as men to serve in the police or defence services. Others, however, insist that these jobs are not really meant for women. Both views will be discussed in this essay but in my opinion, women have already proven their mettle in all fields and nothing should stop them from joining armed forces.

The main argument against women joining defence or police forces is that they are not physically as capable as men. This might sound true but it is not. Physical strength varies from person to person. While some women may lack in physical prowess, there are also many who are just as capable as men. Also, physical abilities can be enhanced through rigorous training. Before someone can join armed forces, they have to prove their physical fitness. If they fail in this department, they cannot join in the first place. In other words, all the women who currently serve in the military or armed forces have already proven that they are fit for this job. Therefore, the argument that they are not suitable for these positions just because they are women does not hold water.

On the other hand, women are already serving as police officers or soldiers in several countries. The peculiarities of their gender never stopped them from becoming efficient officers who can do utmost justice to their job. Female officers actually have certain advantages that their male counterparts often do not have. For example, studies have proven that female police officers are more compassionate and less impulsive. Actually, many wronged people, especially women, are more comfortable approaching a female police officer than a male police officer. This is a great reason for women to be in the police. Because they are less aggressive, they can also think more coherently under stressful situations and make better decisions. This makes them suitable for defence services as well.

In conclusion, women can serve in armed forces as well as men. They are already doing this and no one can doubt their suitability anymore.

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People have different views about whether women are capable of performing jobs / working in the police force or the army. In my opinion, despite the difference in physical strength and stamina between the two genders, women can play a significant part in these two areas.

The main argument held by some against women serving in the army or becoming a police officer is that it is too demanding for females to qualify.  Unlike most normal jobs where men and women are on par with each other, being a soldier or a sergeant requires the applicant to be tough and strong physically and mentally. The work tends to involve a great deal of intensive training, and it can even be dangerous when confronting criminals or hostile forces. Therefore, women, who are generally less sturdy and more fragile, are not the optimal choice for these occupations.

However, I agree with other people who contend that this is a narrow view. The fact is that women can play essential roles as men do in police offices and military camps. There are many jobs in these two fields that do not involve physical encounters. For example, nearly all police departments and armies need office clerks to work with documents and engage psychological consultants to help people out with their stress management. Women show obvious advantages over men for these positions because they are often more careful, receptive, and empathetic. In reality, secretarial work and counseling in armed forces and police stations are indeed dominantly taken on by females, and their contribution is not eclipsed by males’ at all.

In conclusion, even though females may be less advantaged than males in terms of physical ability, the distinctive gender advantage they hold enables them to be competent at work in troops and police departments.

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2 Responses

  1. Deepika Shrestha says:

    Men and women are two sides of the same coin. Both have different nature and ability which makes them unique. It is undeniable fact that men and women are equally responsible to serve their country on military force or police force. Surprisingly there are some people who thinks that women are not respomsible to do such kind of jobs.
    To embark on, there are multiple reasons why women should involve in military/police force. First of all, women are mentally and emotionally more stronger than men. Women have better quality to know the things meticulously. They are not physically that strong but they can use their intelligence to join in military/police force. Second of all, human are playing a great role in police force. For instance, Dr. Kiran bedi who is retired IPS officer of India has decreased criminal rate significantly. She is a living legend who has contributed a lot for nation. Nowadays, women are more concerned about protecting their nation so they do physical and mental exercise to get a part in it.
    However, how much stronger the woman is, her issues on pregnancy and menstrual cramps would make her somehow week. Sometimes nature gives such a curse that they can do things they seek for.
    To conclude, I believe that both men and women are equally important to serve the nation by joining military/police force. Everyone have to go through some kind of problems in their life which doesn’t mean that the they are weak. Neverthless, some weakest part can turn out a person to be more stronger.

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