Some People Believe That To Be Successful At A Sport You Need Natural Talent | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that to be successful at a sport you need a natural ability and others think that hard work and practice can make you successful. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

There are many people who think that a sportsperson can only be successful if they have innate talent / inborn talent. However, many people disagree with this view and believe that diligent efforts and constant practice make successful players. This essay will discuss both views and give my perspective.

On the one side of the argument, many people believe that natural talent is needed to be a successful sports player. The main reason behind this is that genes from parents play an important role in the development of a person’s body and interests which help them to master the game with less effort.

To illustrate, the daughter of the famous Indian badminton coach, Mr. Gopichand started playing badminton at an early age of her life. She has won many medals at the national and international level. Obviously / No doubt, having natural ability can help a sports person to be successful as they can easily learn the sports and put efforts in an effective manner.

On the other hand, many people think that hard-work and constant practice can help any sportsperson to achieve desired outcomes. The primary reason for believing this is that a game is played with passion and dedication. If a player has these two qualities then they can learn all the required skills and reach great heights. Although hard work can be frustrating at times, it also sharpens the skills and strengthens the player to focus more. To elucidate, Sachin Tendulkar, the renowned cricket player worked industriously for decades to earn the title of best player across the globe in the field of cricket. Hence, practice and hard work play a greater role than natural talent in making a sports person successful.

To conclude, after analyzing both the sides, it is not hard to see why people hold different opinions. In my opinion, a player can only be successful in a game if they have a strong will to achieve their goals through hard work and dedicated efforts.

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8 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Although many people think that natural talent is the most crucial element to succeed in a particular sport, I would argue that practice and constant exercise are the key factors to excel.
    Those who believe that an individual’s natural ability is the number one factor which can make you a winner, hold this view for several reasons. First of all, being naturally keen and eligible to engage in a specific sport is essential in order to facilitate an individual’s practice. For instant, only those who have a natural talent can easily and quickly achieve great results. Furthermore, a person who does not have a genuine interest and who is not incline toward a particular sport cannot secure feasible and achievable goals. These individuals might struggle to succeed and therefore they will experience feelings of frustration and demotivation.
    Nevertheless, I strongly believe that high motivation and frequent practice are more important elements. To begin with, being highly motivated and exercising constantly are pivotal factors which can bring great results even although an individual does not possess a natural talent. For example, a girl I know who was not capable of playing tennis, after having attended several lessons clearly demonstrated an improvement. In addition to this, working hard and making efforts are always required to improve and enhance an individual’s abilities. This means that, although a person might not be good in a sport at first, working on their exercise and technique can greatly make the difference and enable them to reach a high level.
    To conclude, I am of the opinion that natural talent is a beneficial factor to excel in a sport, however determination, perseverance and practice are the essential and crucial elements which can guarantee an individual’s success.

  2. lisa says:

    sorry I couldn’t find the comment box in the previous essay

    In many countries, very few young people read newspapers or follow the news on TV. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

    Over the last decades, several countries have experienced a decrease in the number of youngsters who are interested in reading newspapers and who watch news reports on television. This essay will examine the main causes for this phenomenon and suggest possible solutions.
    I strongly believe that the major reason for this trend is the advance of the internet. This means that nowadays, everyone can be updated with the latest information by using their mobile phones and searching news online. In addition, the possibility to read about current news online is an extremely easy and quick method, especially for young people who always carry electronic devices with them. Another crucial factor which has led to less importance and focus on reading or listening to news is the hectic and busy lifestyle we now lead. Young generations are always on the go and some of them struggle to find a quiet moment of free time. For instance, a large number of juveniles need to both work and study for their future career. As a consequence, their leisure time is rarely spent on following news reports.
    Nevertheless, I believe that measures can be successfully implemented to halt or at least reduce this trend. Firstly, governments should encourage young generations to read news by providing them with newspapers in schools and universities. Having the possibility to obtain information while being at school will certainly capture students’ attention towards these informational tools. Regarding following the news on television, educational institutions and governments could organize campaigns to raise awareness about the fundamental role of news channels. Being updated with current information and developments is extremely crucial in particular for young people who need to be aware of what is happening around them.
    To conclude, although many juveniles are not keen on news and up-to-date information, I opine that efficacious methods can be put into effect to curb this phenomenon. Encouraging young generations to change their habits is a feasible solution.

  3. Fredrik says:

    Immigration has a major impact on the society. What are the main reasons of immigration? To what consequences can it lead?
    Over the last decades, people emigrating from their countries have constantly increased, leading to the issue of immigration. This phenomenon have brought with it several consequences to the community. This essay will put forward the main reasons why individuals are driven to settle in a different country and what consequences it provokes.
    The two main factors which have led to a significant increase in the number of people who emigrate are: the hope to find a better place to live and the rise in wars and conflicts occurring in the undeveloped countries. Individuals who struggle to survive and cannot afford the basic amenities for themselves and their families will likely be keen to move in another country where better facilities and services are provided. For example, main destinations are in the developed countries where health care, education and efficient infrastructures are ensured. In addition to this, poor countries afflicted by wars and conflicts cannot secure a prosperous life and therefore people are forced to relocate in a new place.
    Immigration has, thereby, a noticeable impact on the whole society. Firstly, this phenomenon is a major factor to overpopulation which can lead to severe consequences. This means that individuals who have emigrated from their countries are not evenly distributed causing an inhomogeneous distribution. Furthermore, an excessive number of people in the same area causes a depletion of resources. For example, a massive use of cars and other means of transport is leading to a lack of nonrenewable sources. This is to say that the overuse of resources caused by overpopulation will gravely impoverish the environment.
    To conclude, although people in certain circumstances need to escape from their countries to find better living conditions, governments should ensure that this won’t negatively affect the community. I am of the opinion that, if effective policies are implemented, the whole community will be provided with all the services and amenities needed.

  4. lisa says:

    Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives. What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?
    In our society, children often experience undue pressure and stress due to their future prospects. This essay will put forward the main reasons for this phenomenon and suggest ways to tackle the issue.
    One of the main causes leading to excessive pressure on a child’s development is the competitive world we live in. This means that children nowadays need to put great effort into their studies in order to secure a profitable job in the future. In fact, only the most motivated and high qualified individuals can reach a high level workplace. Furthermore, parents and teachers are frequently encouraging and stimulating their children to achieve high level qualifications and knowledge. For instance, many parents are willing to pay huge amounts of money for their children’s education, so that they will be able to work for prestigious companies. This is to say that securing a stable and rewarding job is, perhaps, the number one reason for this exorbitant pressure children have to face.
    Nevertheless, I believe that effective and feasible measures can be implemented to curb this problem. Firstly, family should limit the time children spend on their homework and studies and encourage them to engage in outdoor activities or sports instead. This will certainly benefit to a child’s health and moreover it will elevate their happiness and overall well-being. In fact, it has been scientific proved that exercising and doing physical activity leads to a lower level of stress and boosts an individual’s mood. In addition to this, I believe that teachers and educational institutions should be less strict and should allow children to enjoy their time while being at school. This approach will enable juveniles to learn in a more comfortable and pleasant environment, which will therefore improve their development.
    To conclude, although youngsters are constantly under pressure, I am of the opinion that successful methods can be implemented in order to secure children an enjoyable way of life. If the right steps are taken, stress and tension will drastically be reduced.

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