Some People Believe That There Will Be A Reduction In Air Travel In The Future | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that there will be a reduction in air travel in the future. Do you think that this trend is a positive or negative development?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many people think that travel by air is expected to reduce in the future. In my opinion, this should be seen as a negative development because this, in turn, could increase road traffic and there will be a substantial increase in the time taken to travel long distances.

If there is a reduction in air travel, there will be a significant rise in road traffic. This is because all the people who used to travel by air would be forced to travel by road, which could result in a greater number of automobiles on the streets. For example, statistics show that in a day more than 10 million people travel by air. If all these people travel by road, there will be a massive influx of vehicles on road. Hence, this certainly cannot be seen as a positive development.

Furthermore, if air travel reduces, the time taken to travel long distances will increase. This is due to the fact that travelling by road consumes at least 10 times the time taken to travel by air. This is certainly a waste of time for the people who do not enjoy travel, especially for the ones who travel for business. For example, travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai by air roughly takes around 1.5 hours, whereas travel by road consumes 15 hours. It becomes even more difficult to travel abroad where there is no road to connect two countries and you are forced to travel by sea.

To recapitulate, I believe that decrease in air travel ought to be seen a drawback as it could worsen the already increasing road congestion and substantially increase the journey time when travelling long distance.

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  1. kamaljit singh says:

    Over the last few decades, the media has promoted the image of young thin women as being ideal. What problems has this caused? What solutions can you suggest to this issue?


    It is common to see that slim women has been projected as an ideal model by media for many years. This essay will discuss the main reasons of this idealistic approach towards obese women, including discrimination at public places and development of personality complex. This essay will also suggest potential solutions to overcome supremacy mythology, including how to deal with favouritism and cognitive complications?

    It is well known that woman, who represents the most popular means of modelling in many countries, cause of obese face discrimination at public places hence developing inferiority complex internally. Additionally, Women place themselves under unfavourable conditions because of their natural weakness. For instance, a study was conducted by an eminent sociologist Harry Shaun on urban areas in Singapore, which revealed that 50% of women are biased in cultural programmes because of being overweight which results in severe health issues such as people domination and a week moral development.

    To tackle sensitive issues such as personality complexes and unfairness, women must maintain a positive mental attitude and identify if victim thereof. In other words, women must take an honest look to figure out whether the favoured employee walking away with the bigger reward and promotion deserve it more than themselves. Finally, women must maintain a positive attitude while at workplace and open places it seems unmanageable especially if victimised but can be more useful to deal with such situations.

    In conclusion, it is being witnessed in contemporary era by many of us that women are falling prey for side effects of zero size. This essay has discussed how women ideation cause inequality and personality problems and those could be solved with spotting and maintained a positive approach.

  2. Most people believe that stricter punishment should be given for traffic offences. To what extent do you agree?

    Opinion Essay – 315 words

    People who violate traffic rules should be penalized and fined severely, which will help in maintaining traffic discipline. This essay completely agrees because it will bring benefits to the society. This essay will first look at how heavier fines will improve the traffic discipline and then discuss the advantages which it pays back to society.
    Traffic violations are on higher side, especially in smaller cities because people are not well educated and also they ignore Motor Vehicle rules setup by government. It leads to various incidents like road accidents with loss of life and property. If Motor Vehicle rules gets amended with strong fines and imprisonment clause, people will fear and start following it completely. For instance, currently crossing the red light will be charged Rs 100 which is a very petty outflow. If it gets revised to Rs 1000, violators will be think before violating it and gets afraid and hence, they will stop the violations completely as they cannot afford to pay such heavy penalties.
    Moreover, stricter punishments including imprisonment for drink and drive will decrease the traffic violations and hence, benefits the public in several ways. Firstly, road accidents will be reduced which will result in safe commuting and mortality rate will reduce. Also, it will help in eliminating the corruption from traffic police department as public will use all the safety measures available in cars or two wheelers which will help in saving huge fines which otherwise they have to pay to traffic police. For example, in most of the states if violations happen, police will generally take bribe instead of giving the challan receipt. But if public obey traffic rules, they can save the huge costs of fines as well as corruption will come down.
    In conclusion, levying heavy punishments for not obeying traffic rules benefits public at large as well as helps in curbing bureaucracy from traffic police department.

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