Some People Believe That The Use Of Animals For The Purpose Of Experiments Is Cruel | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that the use of animals for the purpose of experiments is cruel while others believe that it is necessary for the development of science. To what extent you agree/disagree with the statement?

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From mice to chimpanzees, animals are notoriously sacrificed in various medical trials for the benefit of mankind.  This ethical dilemma has sparked debates among those who are for and against using animals as test subjects in the name of science. In light of the controversy, I will discuss arguments on both sides and provide a conclusion in this essay.

First and foremost, the reason we utilize certain animals is because they have similar genome to human and we can avoid testing unknown medications on human subject. For instance, Pfizer vaccine for COVID 19 virus was tested on chimpanzee before using in human clinical trials. This expedited the process and saved millions of human lives. This necessary evil has protected countless people from having to lose their love ones to this pandemic. Thus, animals are still essential in conducting medical experiments to combat unknown novel diseases.

On the other hand, the ethical issue that arises from this methodology is that we are unable to justify the torture these animals need to go through without their consent. Putting ourselves in their shoes, we are the villains who invaded their home and snatched their parents or children away, injected them with possible lethal drugs or dissected their brain for scientific advancements. If they can express their opinion, there is zero chance that the animals will be on board for these experiments. In short, we are achieving our progress and wellness at their expense.

To reiterate, animal experimentation is inevitable, but we cannot ignore the detrimental effects on the animals. In my opinion, using animals in medical trials should be permitted in situations where there are no alternatives. However, the practice of using them for testing cosmetics must be banned at any cost. In experiments where they are used, we should try our very best to minimize their misery and agony by coming up with ethical best practices.

Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Every life on this planet is important. Many people believe that using animals for the purpose of experiments is cruel; however, others hold the opinion that for the progress of science it is required. To a great extent, I agree with the argument that doing research on animals is an act of exploitation and we do not have any right to do so.

Misusing the life of innocent animals is not right at all. In our due course of experiments, several animals suffer and even get killed because the tests are done to identify the impacts, which can be positive or negative. For instance, it is found that animals that undergo severe test fall ill because of the dosage of the chemicals which the body cannot resist. As a result, animals suffer severe physical and mental disorders because we are not aware of the consequences of such drugs and their usage.

However, others hold the opinion that for the development of science, these kinds of experiments are highly necessary. It is true that science has greatly helped mankind from severe diseases which were incurable before. With the invention of medicine and various drugs, today we are able to save millions of lives from death and illness. It is found that modern medicine has improved the life span of the human race and is indeed a big success. But still, seeing the tragedy and sufferings of the innocent animals, I believe that it is injustice and we do not have any right to torture these animals for our own interest. Every life on this planet has got equal rights and freedom to live which no one has the liberty to interfere with.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that science has done miracles in improving the lives of human beings but experiments on animals for research is highly unacceptable and therefore is very wrong.

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