Some People Believe That The Problem Of Illegal Drugs Can Be Solved By Legalising All Drugs | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that the problem of illegal drugs can be solved by just legalizing all drugs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Drug abuse is a major concern around the globe with numerous lives at stake; yet, illegal drug trafficking still flourishes. While some people believe that legalizing drugs would be a possible solution for this problem, I firmly disagree with this idea. In this essay, I will elaborate on my view with suitable illustrations.

To begin with, many nations have banned drugs because of the potential adverse effects caused by them. For instance, marijuana and cocaine are highly addictive and their consumption leads to hallucinations and severe mental illnesses. These substances are considered dangerous despite their use in treating some life threatening diseases. Hence, if these drugs are made available from pharmacy nearby then it would pave way for their abuse.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, drug abuse is a serious problem around the world. Young people, in particular, are the worst affected / worst victims. Countless teenagers are spoiling their lives by falling to this trap despite the immense regulations imposed on illegal drug trading. As younger generations are the building blocks for a nation, it is a vital concern. Hence, instead of proscribing these deadly drugs, if they are made locally available, then imagine the future of our children and community.

To conclude / to recapitulate, it is evident that legalizing all the drugs would negatively affect our community by encouraging drug abuse because of its easy availability, and thus affect the whole nation. I strongly believe that rather than marketing locally, the government should allow the usage of these drugs only for medicinal purpose with stringent laws. This way authorities can prevent drug abuse to a great extent.

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  1. Gaurav Huria says:

    Is it not a gruesome reality that the rate at which the usage of illegal drugs is increaing day by day ? Well, due to the unemployement. Some people have the ideology that by legalising these drugs, this problem may be overcomed. However , i completely disagree with their norms and discuss some ways to hinder this problem.

    To initiate with first and foremost idea which clears that by providing jobs to youth the problem of illegal drugs may be solved. There are many undeprivilaged people who do not have money for satisfying their basic needs due to which selling drugs seems a easiest jobs to them for earning a handsome amout of money.But if government give them even the non-respectable job then masses may not sell these intoxicanting products and once they stop this trade then eventually people will not get it.For example , a news had been published in The Tribune in 2019 which depicted that after bestowing smallest occupation to the poorer section of society 20 proportion of cases pertaining to drugs had be dwindled. So , this way seems to be a better solution for the eradication of this global issue.

    Now shifting the focus towards another way to solve this problem is to punish the officials who allow the culprits to sell the drugs. There are some police officers who earns adequate share of money but still desire to have more because of which they allow the container of illegal intoxicating objects in the state. By doing this ,they get a lot of money but if government arrest and suspend them without giving even a single warning then many of them will afraid of being supended which will automatically reduce this malice. For example , an artical(A malice of intoxication ) had been published in The Hindustan Times in 2017 which clears that according to the probe of American police , 10 percent cops were responsible for the arrival of drugs in the state .Hence , by applying this solution , a state can become a drug free province.

    To conclude , it can be asserted that althought many people have to transport and sell these drugs in other regions because of their family problems but the government must take the responsibililty of thier malice which will eventually ease the burden from the sholders of the government and make a nation drug free.

  2. Farhi says:

    According to some people in the society think that issue of drug trafficking can be resolved by legalizing all type of drugs. I disagree with the statement and will discuss the reasons in the ensuing paragraphs.

    The issue of legalising drugs is not an appropriate solution in fact there are many issues which will arise if drugs are legalise as drugs are highly addictive and this the prime reason why the country is not making it legal if it is done, many issues will arise and it would be out of control as drugs is like a slow poison, with the increasing dose people lose control.Health is affected and the person becomes unstable and may ended up with wrongdoing.According to the survey of the Government, majority of people commit suicide when they are drunk or addictive to drugs when they are overdose.

    Moreover, drugs are most favourable thing between adolescents and nowadays special arrangements being done so they can have lush time with their acquaintances when drugs are illegal, if it gets legal, youngsters will start taking drugs with their meals and future would be abolished.Also, crime is the another major issue and drunk driving ratio has skyrocketed as people drive in drunken condition and it is considered to be a major crime under judiciary, nowadays.In addiction , different types of crime is being committed when person has taken drug in any form.

    To recapitulate, there are no advantages of legalising drugs even though activity is illegal and people are aware but still they are much involved.I believe that nation should made strict rules rather than making it legal in the country.

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