Some People Believe That The Fittest And Strongest Individuals And Teams Always Succeed in Sports

Some people believe that the fittest and strongest individuals and teams always succeed in sports. Others think that success in sports depends on the mental attitude. Discuss both views and give your opinion

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It is opined by a few people that physical strength is crucial for winning the tough competition in sports whereas others believe that mental strength plays an equally significant role in achieving success in sports. In my opinion, it is the perfect blend of physical and mental fitness which helps an individual to face the challenges in the game and obtain victory.

Physical fitness is extremely important since any outdoor sport involves a lot of running, stretching and quick movements. Hence, a strong and flexible body is an added advantage.

Due to this, most of the sports men engage in rigorous physical activity to make themselves ready to face the opposite team in the game. For example, in most of the sports played at the international level, the selection of individual players representing the country is done based on the physical energy and stamina of the individual.

Even though physical strength has a vital role in success, the mental stability is equally important especially when playing a team game. Understanding and coordination among the individual team players is also required which is possible only if the players have a strong and mature mindset. The strategy to win a game demands persistence, consistent efforts and never say die attitude along with a goal-oriented approach. Research has shown that the cause behind the failure of a team in certain sports like cricket, football and hockey is the lack of team spirit. Due to these reasons, the mental health of the sports person is also taken into consideration when forming a team.

In conclusion, I feel that mental strength is as important as physical strength. The sports person should not only work on their physical fitness but also cultivate the right attitude.

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