Some People Believe That Teenagers Are Facing More Problems Because Parents Are Spending More Time At Work

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According to some people, juveniles are facing a lot of problems because their parents are away at work for longer hours. I do not quite agree with this view.

It is true that teenagers need quality time with their parents. They are in that phase of life when they are neither children nor adults. They are undergoing massive physical and mental changes during this stage and mood swings are common among teenagers. They may be facing problems at school or they may have developed a crush on someone. During this time, they need someone to hear them patiently and offer guidance whenever necessary. If parents are always away, teenagers do not have anyone to discuss their problems with. Unfortunately, in some cases, the constant absence of parents can lead the teenager astray.

On the other hand, most juveniles are okay with their parents not being around all the time. Actually, nearly all teenagers prefer the company of their friends to the company of their parents. Teenagers also understand the benefits of having working parents. They appreciate the financial security that they get to enjoy when both parents work. They are also proud of the professional achievements of their parents. Unless their parents completely neglect them, most teenagers will want both parents to work and they do not mind if their parents spend an extra hour or two at the workplace.

In short, I do not quite agree with the argument that adolescents are facing problems because their parents are away at work. While prolonged absence can be problematic, in most cases, teenagers do not want their parents to be around round the clock. Rather, what they want is an understanding Dad or Mom whom they can turn to when they are in trouble. Working parents can offer this support as well as non-working parents regardless of the amount of time they spend in office.

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