Some People Believe That Technological Tools Such As Body Scanners And CCTVs Have Enhanced Our Safety | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that technological tools such as body scanners and CCTV have significantly enhanced our safety and security, while others feel that they have resulted in a loss of privacy. Do the benefits of these items outweigh their disadvantages?

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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The use of surveillance equipments such as body scanners and CCTV are becoming increasingly popular. However, some opine that those equipments would hinder their privacy. Although the installation of those equipments might affect people’s privacy, it would strengthen the safety measures significantly. In my opinion, the benefits of installing these equipments far outweigh the drawbacks.

At the outset, due to the increase in the crime rate the safety devices were introduced to deter such crimes. Criminals are using advanced technology to commit an offence, which makes it extremely difficult for the police to crack their modus operandi using the traditional ways. In order to counter these crimes, surveillance cameras are installed in public places and they are beneficial to a great extent. For example, Mumbai police reported that the crime rates dropped drastically in the last decade due to installation of advanced equipments in the city. The main advantage of the installation of these equipments would be the safety and security of the citizens.

On the other hand, despite the increase in the safety of the people, the widespread use of these safety instruments has affected one’s privacy and caused some inconvenience especially to celebrities. Many hackers tend to hack the system and leak the CCTV footage, because of which reputation of many known people have got tampered. Such misuse of the CCTV footages has potentially affected people’s privacy. Body scanners could also be potentially used to humiliate or harass people. Thus the argument that such devices infringe on the privacy of people certainly hold some people. However, in my opinion, safety is more important than privacy. Also, these devices are usually only used in public places and by simply being careful of our conduct in such places we can save us from being photographed in embarrassing positions.

To conclude, the installation of surveillance devices like CCTV cameras certainly pose some threat to people’s privacy; even so, in my opinion, they are more beneficial than harmful because they help reduce crime and enhance our safety.

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